Review: essence Bronzing Compact Powder matte in 02 love to be matt

I'm been searching around for a bronzer for contouring purpose and since I got some vouchers with me, I decided to 'splurge' some goodies from Essence makeup brand.
and... I wanna share my review on this product!
essence bronzing compact powder matt: 02 love to be matt (MYR 15.90)

The packaging of this product comes with simple clear plastic compact that opens and shuts easily and firmly. Although it's simple and cheap, the design of the bronzer is really pretty and attractive to me. I just love the design! 
See how beautiful it is! It has a 'beach' feels which explains the sun kiss effect using a bronzer!
This bronzer comes with matte texture that could create a more natural look, giving the skin a flawless warmer effect rather than a messy look. I like the fact that it is pigmented but not overly done and I could build up the colour for a better contouring effect.

This is how it looks like on my face. See how pretty and natural effect of the bronzer? It looks lovely on my skin, making me look more-slimmer ^^ I personally love this product very much, it isn't expensive and it could create beautiful matte finish on my skin. However, although it claims to have silky smooth powder, it's kinda powdery, a soft touch with a bronzer brush could pick up excessive product! I have to be gentle when using this product :[

but I'm not a gentle lady lol

 Overall, I love this product very much. It is better than any other bronzers I ever had because of its pigmentation. The other bronzers that I own do not have strong pigmentation, no matter how I build up the colour, it just doesn't show up but creating a messy look instead. With the proper technique, I could contour my nose, jawline and cheeks without any problem! 

  • Cheap and affordable.
  • The size of the bronzer is big.
  • Good pigmentation, gives a pretty sun kiss effect.
  • Easily manage with proper techniques.
  • Packaging is fragile. Don't drop it onto the floor ><

Will I repurchase this product? Definitely! The size of the compact powder is so big it could use up to 24 months and price is pretty cheap :) A good purchase for me in 2012! 



  1. I've only used the Essence matte bronzer, and I think it's pretty good too! :D Not really used to doing contouring and stuff, but it's really easy to blend. :D

    1. yeah, it's even better than a Korean brand T.T

  2. Been telling myself to get this for almost a year =_=