It's December!

Hello people! I have abandoned my blog for almost a month!! It seems that I had a pretty rough semester this time, most of the assignments due at the same time, literally! and those are not simple assignments, it took me a month to complete everything from scratch. :(

But it's all gone now! *phew*

After I have settled my course assessments, I spent much of my time for Fifty Shades of Grey and its trilogy. I know it is somehow 'gross' as what the society thinks, however, the books are indeed more than kinky stuff. =) It sends a deep meaning to all readers but I'm not going to tell you! You have to read the books and feel for yourself!

In the mean time, my name cards have finally arrived!

What do you think? Although I have the name cards now but I do not know what to do with it, lol. Many of my friends persuade me to make my very own name cards, they think that it's cool to have one! Since I have no idea what to do with it... so if you have any events, just let me know! Then I know what to do with these cards HAHA
Not exactly clubbing, I went to The Venue with my friends at Pavilion for Fantasy Night, a local gig performance in tribute to Final Fantasy video game OST. We all got star stunned when we saw Yuna walking around the club (Yuna from FFX, I mean). I shall blog about it soon with more pictures, I still haven't edit some of them :P
Ahh... not to forget my long gone OOTD picture. Here was I at Pavilion yesterday for The Hobbit premier screening with my boyfie. =] Simple sheer blouse with high wedges and comfort jeans, it's comfortable and edgy at the same time! Good cuddling outfit with boyfie in the cinema HOHOHO

Okay, as I promised on Facebook, I would do a Christmas special makeup tutorial IF I could get my stuff right. Ever since assignment started to kick in, I wore less makeup and now my skills dah hilang...just like that. I'm currently picking up my skills as best as I could, so bear with me ladies! D=

Till then, I shall see you all soon!


  1. Welcome back!! :D I've missed your posts~
    Congrats on getting the name cards; I also have no idea what to do with mine, TBH. XD

    P/S: You might want to blur out your telephone number in the pic ^^;;