Fantasy Night

Hey there lovelies, I am still in 'kupo' mood because I'd attended two live performances based on Final Fantasy video games =) Read here for my previous experience with Distant Worlds!

This time, I bumped onto this concert through Facebook events. Excited I was, I quickly shared this with my friends who apparently are avid fans of Final Fantasy, literally! Moreover, it was a great time for me to celebrate assignments-over-celebration! The performance took place at The Venue, Pavilion where different artists gather and perform. I didn't know this Venue EVER existed until I was there... 'cause it's really difficult to find the hidden gems of musicians and performers.
Amanda and me: over excited pretty much, I guess
Ladies night! =P

I found myself in giggling situation throughout the performance, Asahi was there! My favourite beer of all time! I wasn't sure I should get myself an alcoholic drink because I WAS the driver that night and I did not want to risk my life for that (and it was NIGHT time!). However, after some consideration (and the persuasiveness of the waitress, telling me that they are having Happy Hour promotion), I decided to get Asahi, that wasn't so bad larh.

But please, do not LEARN it from me. Please. Don't.

Anyway, while we were chatting around waiting for the performance to start. There was a glimpse of a girl in Furisode inspired costume with an iconic rod walking around the area, instantly ALL of us were SUPER excited and fangirling because YUNA was in the building! 
Lucky for her, she got a private shot with Yuna!
Back to the show, the whole Final Fantasy tribute gig was performed by Strawhat Mages Production for the love of the master mind in Final Fantasy OST, Nobuo Uematsu, along with TEMJIN and Harmonia ACG as guest performers. With all the blended Japanese culture in one night, I literally want to migrate to Japan for good. lol -.-

Huei Chan aka Yuna performing ^.^ She sang well that day!
I also recorded several videos during the shows, maybe you could watch it here! :D

and the encore :P 

I would say that the night was superb, it was indeed my first time going for a local gig show. I love gigs unfortunately I do not know where do the gigs perform. OWHH!! Check out this video, it's not from me but the performance is utterly passionately awesome! I was so happy when they performed Passion from Kingdom Hearts aka the-easiest-RPG-in-my-life.

Thank you so much for bringing out the awesomness of performances! =]

What do you think about the whole performance based on the videos? Let me know!



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    1. Yupe she is, and she can sing well :)

    2. You girls are making me recalling my embarrassed fangirl mode on that day. >///<