05 October 2012

Ballerina and salad

I shouldn't call myself a blogger at the moment, just so you know I'm currently busy with my academic. Who says that university is so much easier than secondary level? I beg to differ that. Owh by the way, I'm really sorry if you bumped onto my anger post few days earlier. I had a rough week and I released it in a wrong way. 

Sincerely apologise from the bottom of my heart.

Okay, enough of that. screw that *delete* Now, the happy pictures!

Who says university is fun? Who says so? 

I've been dying to turn my hair into a beautiful bun hair-do. I bought the 'donut' at Caring (I didn't expect that they do sell this kind of thing) and it makes wonders to my hair. I really love this style not because of the ballerina feel (well, kinda) but it looks tidy. I just hate that my hair often block my eyes from studying. ._____________.

Brought my old dog Scotty to SPCA's World Animal Day. We had a fun time jogging around The Waterfront, Desa Park City. The park is so huge and it's the only place that actually allows dogs to hype around. Isn't he cute? He wore his favourite nautical sailor inspired shirt that day and boi he does attracts all the attention. o.o

Speaking of paw friends, I won myself a nekomimi set with an addition pair of nekomimi hair clip. The contest is organised by Pink Sakura. I actually had a problem in receiving the prizes because the paws were ran out of stock, however the owner is kind enough to let me know the issue and compensate me with another pair of nekomimi hair clips, such a nice person kan?

Om nom nom nom... I had ceaser salad with salmon earlier at Full House Lifestyle Cafe. The food presentation is really nice (notice the roses, that's actually salmon!) I really love salad for lunch because it's healthy and doesn't filling much. Salad always reminded me of something funny: The time when I first met my boyfriend in a restaurant, I actually ordered ceaser salad. However, once my salad arrived, it was a BIG portion of salad (That restaurant portion are actually meant for sharing). I was like WTF. HOW TO FINISH? but eventually I did finished up the salad. My not-boyfriend that time looked at me and gave me a WTH? SHE LIKES SALAD UNTIL THAT LEVEL??? IMBA look. True, Salad was the key in our relationship. -.-

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