Tutorial: Perfect Red Lips

Hey babes, I'm currently working on different makeup looks inspired by our Chinese culture. Not sure why I decided to do that, could it because of the season?

Well anyway, I have posted my Old glamouruos Shanghai makeup look on Facebook few days ago. To my surprise,some of the followers were wondering how to achieve the look. Since I'm still free (for the last few days), I decided to guide you all in achieving the perfect gorgeous red lips. This is because having delicate red lips are the main pointer to achieve the old Shanghai look.

  1. Prep the lips with lips balm for moisturizing purpose. Next, conceal the lips with concealer. 
  2. Define the lip using a red lip liner . This is to create the shape edges of the lips. Fill them in later.
  3. Now, pick your favourite red colour lipstick and fill this sexy colour onto your lips. I recommend using a lip liner is a great choice because it is easier to control. 
  4. Clean up the edges with concealer and a brush.
  5. *Optional* Make your lips pop using red lip gloss!

And there you have it, perfect red lips! I hope you guys enjoy reading this tutorial post :)



  1. Oh, I've never use concealer on my lips before!

    1. Yeah, I just found this new trick! It's really helpful when you apply lip liner because it would create even shape look :)

  2. Wow, red lips really suit you leh! I still remember your post on the Snow White red lipstick you blogged about before! :D
    Come to think of it, i don't own any really red lipsticks at all... :O

    1. Thank you :) Red lipstick is quite hard to pull off in Malaysia. lol :D