To Red or Not To Red?

Good day to you lovelies, it's TGIF today! I have been experiments my cosmetics for few days in my room just to try out new looks and also to find my signature look (sounds so glamour lol). Anyway, I recently did this simple look and it does suit me a lot. Apart from my eyes, I love my eyebrows as well!

The image above is the comparison between nude lips and red lips. The first (left) image is currently my daily look, I often wear this for classes because it is clean and simple. However, the second (right) image is what I would do if I have more time to makeup, adding the red lips. Of course, I somehow would wear this to university because it also kinda 'awaken' my whole face. I'm not sure whether it makes sense to you or not, but it really polishes the whole look. Giving it an ommph.

Products used:

  1. Garnier Instant Fairness BB moisturizer
  2. Silkygirl Pure Fresh Oil-Control-2-Way Foundation in 03 Rose Beige
  3. K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer
  4. Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 002 Hazel
  5. Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen in 01 Blackest Black (review here)
  6. Silkygirl Hi-Definition Waterproof Mascara
  7. Silkygirl Limited Edition Ice Cream Lip Pot in Chocolate Vanilla (review here)
  8. Silkygirl Long Wearing Lip Liner in 01 Nude
  9. Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipstick in 25 Hot (right image)
  10. Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher in Cheeky Peach
  11. Etude House Face Colour Corset in #5 Tight Shading Corset

Dear ladies, would you wear red lips to classes (college or university)? What's your say?
And guys, what would think if a girl wears red lips to classes? Is it a yay or a nay? 

Let's have a discussion here, it would be awesome! :)


Review: Sampar Paris Glamour Shot

Hey there everyone! Ever heard of Sampar Paris? It might be new to us, the Malaysians as this brand has just entered Malaysia market. The brand itself is actually big and have recently released in Sephora across Europe and Asia.

Okay... 'So what is this?' you might ask. Is it a serum? Is it a primer? Is it a foundation? Frankly, it is neither one of them. It is actually a cosmakeup - a concept that blurs the line between makeup and skincare. Sampar Paris Glamour Shot is a transparent foundation which could reduces pores, redness and imperfection; mattifies the complexion and minimized wrinkles in just 1 minute.

Hello, bare face! ><
As you can see, my face is full of blemishes and redness but less visible wrinkles. What I found this product awesome is that it claims to (repeat lol):

  • Instantly smoothes wrinkles
  • Masks the appearance of large pores, redness and blemishes
  • Mattifies the appearance of the skin

which we will find out!
By the way, check out the texture of the product. 

After application,
So Sampar Paris Glamour Shot does mattifies my face and somehow cover my blemishes and redness.  But there are some drawbacks:
  • It doesn't cover everything.
  • It's expensive for me as a student (BUDGET CONSTRAINT)
  • It doesn't work well with foundation and BB cream coverage after using this, it turns into patchy and flaky.
Obvious patches after Sampar Glamour Shot
Will I repurchase this?
Well, it's really tough to say. By now I don't think I will buy this product yet because of the price (RM173.00) but if you can afford it, just go ahead. I think this product is actually quite good for natural look.

More information just go to and Sampar Malaysia Facebook page


Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Albeha. Opinions expressed here are my own.

Happy Malaysia Day

Happy 49th Malaysia Day, my fellow Malaysians! 
May all of use stay peaceful and be united :)


Review: Gamila Secret Original Cleansing Bar

Hey lovelies, I've had a chance to try Gamila Secret Original Cleansing Bar in mini.  It is a handmade creation which takes 40 hours cooking process, period of 4 to 6 months for drying, stamping and curving the edges. The ingredients are 100% natural (The combination of 15 Herbs, olive oil and abundance of natural oils), more than 80% virgin Oil (220 pressed Syrian Olives) and it has Dermatological tested. 

I'm quite a person who love natural products, it seems that Gamila Secret catches my eyes. This cleansing bar is suitable for daily use , it tends to not only clean and nourish our skin but also for softening and healing purpose. It is can be used as shaving cream, shower and facial mask. What I love about this product is that the packaging material is recycled paper (Cyclus material) folded by disabled society.

How to use:
First, moisten The Cleansing Bar with warm water between hands, to active the natural living ingredient. Then massage the cream bar until creamy texture and apply it directly on pouring face & body and massage it for approximately 15 seconds. The creamy texture can be used as shaving cream, assistance against in hairs growing and for irritations. Do permit the creamy texture absorb into open pores when bathing then rinse off.

Our skin is made up of various layers, it takes 28 days to renew itself completely. I need to use moisturiser after using Gamila Secret at first because it is kinda dry. So here's a thing: I shall use this product for the next 28 days to see the actual result. I will also update my face condition weekly on my Facebook Page so be sure to follow my page! (click here) After 28 days I shall wrap up my review on this product on my blog :)

My week 1 facial condition, blemish everywhere as always ._.
I have a good feeling about this product, so be sure to follow my page for more updates!


Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Albeha. Opinions expressed here are my own.

Review: Elite Paris must have liner

Hey lovelies, I'm back with more reviews to share with you all! This time I'm going to review new launched cosmetic brand in Malaysia - Elite Paris. 

Elite Paris is a licensee of Elite Model Agency, the world's most prestigious modelling network. Most of their cosmetics products are seriously affordable! Now we all can be models without burning our purses! :D 

I decided to buy their gel eyeliner: Must Have Liner in 03 Diamond Black because I never own a glittery eyeliner. The packaging comes with Elite Paris Professional eyeliner brush.


  1. Super durable, it doesn't smudge AT ALL. I tried to remove it with hand lotion but the eyeliner and it doesn't work!
  2. Affordable price, less than RM40.
  3. I love their glittery texture, it gives oomph on my eyes! Great for partays! <3 font="font">
  4. The liner is smooth, easy to line on my eyelids 
  1. The brush is not an angle brush, it will be much better if it comes with angel brush.
How it looks on my eyes

Will I repurchase it?
Definitely a yes! The product is WAYYY better than other drugstore brands, it lasts long and I can become a model in a cheap way LOL.


Tutorial: Perfect Red Lips

Hey babes, I'm currently working on different makeup looks inspired by our Chinese culture. Not sure why I decided to do that, could it because of the season?

Well anyway, I have posted my Old glamouruos Shanghai makeup look on Facebook few days ago. To my surprise,some of the followers were wondering how to achieve the look. Since I'm still free (for the last few days), I decided to guide you all in achieving the perfect gorgeous red lips. This is because having delicate red lips are the main pointer to achieve the old Shanghai look.

  1. Prep the lips with lips balm for moisturizing purpose. Next, conceal the lips with concealer. 
  2. Define the lip using a red lip liner . This is to create the shape edges of the lips. Fill them in later.
  3. Now, pick your favourite red colour lipstick and fill this sexy colour onto your lips. I recommend using a lip liner is a great choice because it is easier to control. 
  4. Clean up the edges with concealer and a brush.
  5. *Optional* Make your lips pop using red lip gloss!

And there you have it, perfect red lips! I hope you guys enjoy reading this tutorial post :)