17 August 2012

Trip to SPCA

Hey guys! Finally I have done my Moral Studies presentation, now I have time to blog! I literally have three to four pending blog posts with me right now and now I'm going to blog about my first pending post: My Moral Studies project.


So basically, our assignments are to work on something that is related to our topics - moral. Our team decided to visit to SPCA at Ampang, which is a big deal to me because I always wanted to go to SPCA just to help out the animals. Besides, I get to see cute dogs over there. Trust me, SPCA is full with cute dogs, not the one you are thinking right now.

Our cover page for this assignment
Want to know what we did at SPCA on that day? Take a look on our video, I have spent days and days to edit this 5 minutes video.... cuz I'm a noob in editing. (It's also the result of our project)

Do watch in HD!

Anyway, there's something I would like to share with you guys. SPCA is going to build a eco friendly shelter for the animals, as we interviewed the staff over there, there will be cage-free environment for the dogs. link. That is a good thing because caging the dogs in long hours will affect their mentality.

I hope you guys would enjoy this video, I really appreciate it!! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">


  1. Wow, it sure looks like u all had a fun time there, and also an educational one. :D
    I've never been to the SPCA, even though I love doggies and kitties. >_<

  2. well. i remember 5 years ago, I did the same in SPCA too.
    but the difference is that after that I got go help out quite often.
    jumbo sales, selling their merchandise in shopping mall etc.

    1. That's really great of you to do help SPCA. :)

  3. Hey, yours is WAYYYYYYY BETTER THAN MINE =3= anyways, it's over! haha