Review: SILKYGIRL Limited Edition Ice Cream Lip Pot

Hey loves, I have received a package from SILKYGIRL few weeks ago, the package contains three different lips makeup products and a eyebrows pencil.

So the first thing I'm going to review is their limited edition Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF15. What I love about this lip pot is its cute packaging, it looks like any Korean product to me. I have the Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF15 in chocolate vanilla, sounds so yummy right?

Not only the packaging itself is cute, the lipbalm is cute too! Just look at the swirl, it reminds me of Cornetto Ice Cream. 

  • It contains Vitamin E to keep lips supple and reduces fine lines
  • It has SPF 15
  • It claims to moisture and soften the lips
  • It has a delicious taste
My nake lips
After applying SILKYGIRL Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF15 in Chocolate Vanilla

  1. It does moistures and soften my lips
  2. Yummylicious taste!!
  3. Inexpensive way to keep lips moistured
  1. It's a limited edition product! How I wish I could this cute product anytime, anywhere!
  2. The product itself is quite soft, so if you use too much of pressure while scooping out the product, you are going to ruin the whole lip pot! 

Will I repurchase it?
Definitely! If they have this product on the rack! :D I really like this product as I love to keep my lips moistured, especially if I'm lazy to apply any lipgloss or run some errands!

Rate: 4/5


Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from SILKYGIRL. Opinions expressed here are my own


  1. The 'flavour' sounds really yummy! XD And the swirl does indeed remind one of ice-cream, lol. I wish these balms were in tube form though, because potted ones can be kinda messy. >__<

    1. Yup but i really like this lip balm, it is actually lock the moisture in nearly six hours :)

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  2. It's okay there are many other types of cute lippy stuff ard... :)

    1. I know but I hardly get myself a lip balm lol cuz i can use it for a year o.o

  3. Silkygirl's moisture shine lipcolor,my favorite! <3