13 August 2012

Late night post

Or an early morning post.....?

Geeez...wow! I seldom blog about personal life lately. Hello, my once-a-personal-life-story-turned-into-beauty/fashion-blog, how are you? I'm pretty fine, thank you, still waiting for my third semester (two more weeks!) 

Yay! Four months of break is really sucking my soul pretty bad. I miss assignments my university mates, it's really nice to meet them back and hang out as usual =) 

Anyway, so many things happened lately. Thank goodness I have my phone with me, I could literally capture all the special moments of my life!

Had Tamayaki with brother at Publika!
New Shanghai!
Redeemed a red envelope clutch from Pavilion today!
So pretty right!!
I also went to Sunway Pyramid to redeem this awesome product from Sampar Paris.
Sampar Paris Glamour Shot
FOTD. Dolly makeup =}

Wau everywhere ^^

Hmm... Speaking of university, I really need to get some notebooks for my classes. Which do you prefer, A4 papers sheets or notebook? 

2nd picture PHAILED


  1. i love the red clutch! so elegant! :)

  2. I have the sampar paris sample too :D I haven't tried it yet !