Goodbye August

Goodbye August;
Hello Autumn.

Here's a short update just for you guys. Sorry for not being able to blog for a week, I currently lack of
inspiration to blog. It seems that whenever my semester commences, my otak automatically will
switch to a nerdy pothead. 

Sad, but true.
Meanwhile, I also participated in Nuffnang Facebook Group Contest. Here's my Colours shot on
Nuffnang Shutterbug entry. I didn't think of joining the contest at first, but somehow I managed to
capture this picture while shopping with my boyfriend. So, I will just give it try to submit this photo.
Hopefully it will turn out well *fingers crossed*



  1. I can totally understand your 'blogging block'! Sometimes I feel so uninspired to blog. :(
    Anyway, good luck with the Nuffnang contest! :D Gambatte!

    1. Sigh. That's why when I have blogging block I would switch to photography ><

  2. good luck with the contest babe! :D

  3. Guess I'm not the only one that lost my blogging mojo, I can have the blogger tab open the whole day but still empty without a word, what more a sentence >.< Nice photo! I haven't submit mine too, wonder if there's any dateline :O

    1. Major problem for most bloggers kut. Haha! Oh ya, the dateline is on 7th September...If I'm not mistaken. Hmmm :D