Fuck You

I don't care about traffics any more, I just need my life back... MY OWN LIFE.

It happened when this guy, let's name him R, broke my heart into pieces few years back ago (while I was in secondary school), but would still occasionally chat with me now. He often needs my sympathy for his relationship because his gf, let's name her B, cheated on him few times. 

I would say, good for you. Karma is a bitch.

Anyway, last year (around august), he came to me and asked me a favour: to ditch my current bf and go back to him. I was like wtf is wrong with you? Do you really think that I want you back? I have my sweet life with my boy and I don't need you to make it even sweeter, idiot. Not only that, YOU ACCUSED MY BOYFRIEND FOR DOING SOMETHING HE WILL NEVER DO. 

After some times, B&R were back together.

case close. but what the heck... nooo wtf

So we privately Facebook chatted yesterday after I commented on his photo. Again, he complaint his life and his relationship and trying to beg for my sympathy. During the conversation, he would started to type 'that people also said you...', which is strange because who is THAT guy. I personally do not know 'that people'. To my surprise, how come a person whom I do not know would be so good in telling my life IN KL to R. Moreover, there's also another GIRL thinks that she knows me well and was so GOOD in accusing ME for doing SOMETHING.

Again, I do not know them. 
and to R, do I seriously look like a whore? I have a good life in KL. If you really wanted to know more about my current life in KL. Don't just stalk at my Facebook please, just ask me. 
But I will answer you with this:

After the conversation, I still couldn't believe what I'd just saw. I called my bf immediately and told him what had just happened. He wouldn't believe it as well but he tried to calm me down as I was shocked and started to mumble something really stupid.

I couldn't believe that the story of my life in KL would be so interesting in Penang. Why do you have to accuse my boyfriend? It's enough for you to damage my life but why him? He did NOTHING to you and you could actually thought that my bf would call out some of his friends to beat you up... in Penang?

LOL fucker. My man is a gentleman, not your typical Ah Beng. 

Seriously man, you can't even control your bitch so wtf would you even have time to dig my stupid life. You think that by doing so would make you a happy person, knowing that I still have a crappy past (which I don't) and like still care about me, then you are just a fucking loser. Also, don't even think that adding 'I Love You' would change my heart. NEVER, only my bf can say that, NOT YOU

Gawd, does anyone ever teach you to 'mind your own business''? I don't fucking care about yours, you hurt me once and that's it, you have your fucking life and I have mine. When you removed me from Facebook last year, I was mad because I do not believe that our normal friendship would be ended just because your bitch said so. I have done enough with your bitch,  your bitch hates me. I get it. Your bitch thinks that I would actually rampas you balik. I GET IT. Your bitch will only be a bitch no matter what, maybe is because you cannot satisfy her.


Fuck you, both of you. You two had nearly screwed my friendship with a friend. Thank goodness my friend came to me and we made peace and he saw the real of both you. Came to KL, introduce me to his cousin and we are a happy couple right now for four years. 

So yea, he is his cousin and my boyfriend. Get it? Because of you I get to know Keit and he is really a nice guy. So thank you for letting me to know Keit and to be with Keit! 
But still, FUCK YOU.

Fuck you (fuck you)Fuck you very, very muchCause we hate what you doAnd we hate your whole crewSo please don't stay in touch- Lily Allen, Fuck You.