17 July 2012

Summer in Clinique

It was so nice that I got invited to this awesome event from Xue Ren :) Moreover, this was also the first summer event I'd ever attended. 

To get the party started, it is crucial to keep our skins protected from the harmful UV ray. These are the essential stuff I usually have in my bag for outings, from suncreen lotion to hand lotion. For this event however, I only have basic makeup products with me because I just refused to let my makeup melts on my face.

The 8 Essentials:
1. Biore UV Aqua Rich
2. Majorlica Majorca Compact Powder
3. ZA Concealer Correction
4. Maybelline the Hyper Curl Volum' Express Hello Kitty Edition
5. Clinique Super City Block
6. Dolly Wink Black Eyeliner
7. Elianto lip gloss
8. Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater body lotion

The place was packed with party people, DJ jammin' on the stage and the rest were having all the fun in the wave pool, jumping and waving their hands on the air. As we were exploring the place, Xue Ren decided to go for a makeover.

Xue Ren, cute girl indeed!!

Guys, if you missed out the event, you just missed all the hot chics! :P

That's Carmen! A friend of Xue Ren :)
Met some awesome bloggers as well! :D

Carina Yeoh, this is the 2nd time we met
Laura Lee. ahh, finally we could meet up lol
Angeline Ng, cute girl! :)

Gawd, Im like a crazy dude chasing after cute girls.
Pedo-urgh-bear alert.

Every girl's treasure: SUNCREEN!
The event was full of excitement, especially when Dayang rocked on stage. I kinda love Dayang because of her soul/rock/R&B/etc! Many hot chics were they enjoying the sun and party under the wave pool, I wish I could join them BUT WELL, sometimes it is best to avoid water. 

Thanks Xue Ren! for taking this amazing picture :D


  1. It was nice to finally meet you too! :D
    Eh, that day i also pedo-bear mode loh, ahahahaha XD *ithinkyouknowwhatimean*

    1. Yupe! :) Hahaha, that kid is cute. But hot chics are everywhere! :Q lol

  2. LOVE your maxi dress! Really suited the Summer theme with a touch of glam ;)