18 July 2012

Ricoh Aficio™ SP 100 e Series

Hey loves! Do you remember how awful it was to get our assignments done without a printer? I still clearly remember the incident: I was rushing to my local university photocopy service to get my assignments done, unfortunately, the quality of the printing was a major pain in the ass. Well, that's the main problem for students, Y NO PRINTER IN MY ROOM?

Well, those days are over. Thanks to Ricoh, one of the world's leading suppliers of office automation equipment, has introduced 1st Black & White Compact Laser Printers, Aficio ™ SP 100 e Series printers  which are affordable for personal use and small businesses (from RM299 onwards).

The printers were designed for limited desk space, especially us, the students, we can just place these compact devices on a desktop to enjoy the space for our works or studies. As for the business people who often travels, these light devices can be brought to conferences or meetings to provide access to print, copy, and scan functionally with a carry bag! Talk about efficiency, business people are no longer to hunt for nearest printing shop! Moreover, all models come with starter AIO (All-In-One) cartridge which are easy to maintain and replace, the devices also have an impressive unit life of 50,000 prints! 

Stylish, Compact, Portable. Wanna know more about Aficio™ SP 100 e Series printers?
Head to Ricoh website:
http://bit.ly/RicohTDKR for more info!

More good news to all!

Ricoh Malaysia is giving away 100 exclusive rewards upon purchase of any Ricoh Aficio™ SP 100 e Series printer – Instant Rewards, Weekly Rewards and Monthly Rewards.  Customers who purchased the printer will receive limited edition The Dark Knight Rises™ Premium and stand a chance to win Monthly and Weekly Rewards. Just surf here http://bit.ly/RicohTDKR to know more!

Tab 6_Exclusive Rewards_R3

Moreover, Ricoh also having daily giveaways with easy steps. To do so: Just go to www.ricoh.com.my/TDKR and click ‘Daily Giveaways’. From there, just follow three (3) steps:
1. Like Ricoh Malaysia (Official) Facebook Fan Page (http://bit.ly/RicohMalaysiaFB)
2. Share the campaign site
3. Complete the participation form

List of winners will be posted on the campaign site as well as Ricoh fan page every evening, so be sure to check out everyday!

DEAR STUDENTS, you might be in luck to enjoy free printing service from Ricoh at your campus very soon! All you have to do is to like Ricoh Malaysia (Official) Fan Page (http://bit.ly/RicohMalaysiaFB) and enjoy free print up to 50 pages! 50 pages, that is like a whole lecture notes! Free lecture notes, who doesn’t like it!? Kindly refer to their Facebook page for updated campus tour schedule to avoid missing out this opportunity! fb_campus-tour-schedule
For more updates from Ricoh Malaysia,
remember to click a ‘thumb up’ on their Facebook fan page. You know you don’t want to miss out Ricoh latest updates and new products.

To know more about  Aficio™ SP 100 e Series Printers and their latest promotion, just check out at these websites

happy printing! 


  1. It looks like a storage box! XD
    This would be super useful for students who live in hostel or renting room. I can remember many times my friends who had to rush to school just to print assignments. =S

    1. I guess that's the main purpose of these printers. :D I feel like getting this printers because of it can be carried everywhere, convenient for group assignments don't you think? However, i sudah ada satu printer =.= haha.

  2. Replies
    1. Got printing service what, HELPDESK and library printing service. :D