23 July 2012

Lovely Walk with Scotty

Settled in Kuala Lumpur for almost five years, I had no idea that there is a dog-friendly park until I read a forum online. Apparently, Desa Park City offers a great fertility for all dogs owner where they could bring their doggies for a jog at The Waterfront, a lake park in the residence area. My greatest treasure of all time, Scotty, a shih tzu often goes for a jog back in Penang, however once we moved back to KL, it didn’t had the chance to walk around the parks in our residence area.

Poor little doggy but not anymore. We decided to bring Scotty to go for a jog with other dogs in the park!
The park is indeed clean with beautiful lake that reflects the sky, the path is clean with crystal clear pathway. It is really a decent place for taking our favourite pets for a jog. Many people were jogging with different breeds of dogs, from Golden Retriever to Husky and some cute small breeds! Scotty was so excited he saw the park, it was like a ‘zen’ place to him!
That’s him training his stamina, he loves to run but sadly, he is quite old for a long jog. Scotty needs to rest after 5 minutes of jog, this dog is realliieee old but still fierce towards strangers.
Scotty taking a rest
I had a great day taking Scotty out for a walk, it is great for both of us to have healthy lifestyle! Try to take your pets for a walk ya, it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle even for animals!



  1. Wah, i didn't know there was such a beautiful park around here, haha! And Scotty is cute, doesn't look old at all. XD

    1. HI! hehe yeah! I really love the park but it's SOO FREAKING far from Puchong -______- oooo! and thanks for the compliment :D

  2. Awwwww, so cute! You even have its fur tied up like a ponytail HEHE