02 July 2012

Liese Bubble Hair Color Review

Hello girls! I have been itching to get my hands on Liese Bubble Hair Color for a couple of months because getting done by professionals really cost a lot. Seriously, it does but the colour do last for a year and plus. Unfortunately, I am too kiamsiap (stingy) for going to the salon so I pick up Liese Bubble Hair Color instead. 

Actually, I was deciding between Liese Bubble Hair Color and Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hair Color. If I am not mistaken, Schwarzkopf Freshlight has just recently gone into local retail market and other products. You can find Schwarzkopf everywhere in your local pharmacy stores (Watsons, Guardian, etc). I was skeptical on Schwarzkopf Freshlight but don't get me wrong, I know their brand is really highly recommended in every hair department, it's just that if I really want to get my hair color done by Schwarzkopf, why not I just seek for professionals? Then again, I am stingy. lol.

So anway, I just get Liese because of the positive reviews. #LIFE SAVER. I choose Mocha Orange because the colour is close to my previous hair dye colour, it could cover my uneven hair colour (orange and black, like tiger LOL). Before that I thought of getting Cassis Berry but I was afraid my hair couldn't adsorb the colour. My boyfriend helped me to decide the colour, he prefers Mocha Orange. :P I am pretty much did a stupid thing for buying two boxes of the hair dye product, ONE is more than enough for my shoulder length hair. #PHAIL

The product is SO EASY to use. Simple instruction was given and all I had to do was massaging my hair with the foam. It is just like bubble bath for kids :D I love bubble bath, it is so FUN-FUN-FUN. While I leave the foam for 45 minutes (it is recommended to leave it for 20-30 minutes but I have thick hair, therefore it is best to leave it for additional 15 minutes), I was enjoying some scoops from ViVi Summer Edition.

I love their outfit combinations! INSPIRATION!

After rinsing and drying, my hair dye process is complete. My hair is smoother and 'shinnier' than before (FOR REAL) because the product contains Royal Jelly Extract and Amino Acid (Moisturiser), my hair never feel so young and revived. I am satisfied with the colour as it is quite similar to my previous hair dye colour (lighter than this).

Ignore my ugly face. HAHA, the colour is soo prettehh! :D

  1. Easy to apply
  2. Colour +1 haha
  3. Affordable price

  1. The ammonia smell is unbearable (at first half and hour)
  2. The liquid is kinda itch my scalp pretty bad (MUST TOLERATE lol)

    Still, this affordable range hair dye product really amazes me with the result :) I really love my new hair colour!! I think I should try Sweet Pink next time, it looks so PINK and sweet at the same time.



    1. arhh! nice colour!! suits u! :)

    2. The colour came out really good on you! :D I'm afraid of using these because i'm afraid of mess and dirtying the whole place, lol. O__O

      1. Have no fear Laura, it is REALLY easy to use. I didn't make a mess in the toilet! You should try you know! It's really nice! and thanks!!! :D

    3. Nice! I love Liese, especially their ashy colors!
      But yea the smell is really UNbearable!
      But the color came out so pweetyyy on you! <3

      1. Do their ashy colours work on black hair?? I love ashy colours too!
        Btw, thanks thanks! and yes the smell was making me wanna faint lol

    4. hmm, i used this before. maybe I dint wash it evenly. the effect is not that good for me. :-(

      1. Awww... It doesn't matter. You have good hair now :D

    5. What's your hair colour before this? I stopped using Liese cause the colour isn't very obvious for my hair. :/

      1. Hello! My hair colour was black with a touch of orangy hair streaks, uneven hair colour lah T_T But Liese has helped me to cover the streaks :)

    6. Colour looks really nice! Thanks for the review! I like seeing before and after of liese hair dye to see if they work. x


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    8. I love liese too! affordable and works very well :D

      followed your blog! looking forward for more interesting posts ;)