27 July 2012

An Alternative Way To Clean Eyelash Curler

I usually stock up lots of makeup removers in my room since I often make up, but then sometime I do not understand why I can use up all of the products. It's pain in the ass when I need to clean not only my face, but my eyelash curler as well! 

My dirty eyelash curler, urgh -_______-
As you all know, cleaning makeup tools is really crucial due to hygienic factors, you just don't want to have filthy bacteria all over your face, right? It is recommend that we have to clean our makeup tools at least two weeks once, or even better, 4 days (If you often clean your tools, that's great!!) Recently, I found a way to clean the curler without using any makeup cleanser nor makeup tools cleaner. With only a lighter and some tissues, you are good to go! 

1. Start by lighting up the lighter.
2. Gently light into the curler around 5- 10 seconds.
3. Clean up the curler with tissue.

Damn easy right, I found out that the lighter would instantly kill the bacteria and melt the eye products. However, I wouldn't recommend this because it will definitely damage the plastic lid if the plastic is burned for a long time. Then again, when you are out of any makeup cleanser and you are desperate, (I mean really desperate...) this alternative way would help to clean the eyelash curler.



  1. Awesome tip! :) But...i takut open lighter WTF -.-

    1. Aww... You can use matches too! Yup, I was so takut it will burn me while taking pichaa ><

  2. My skin feels squeaky clean after I have used this. It takes out all dirt and impurities and cleanses the skin amazingly well. (BLACKWOOD FOR MEN)

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