05 June 2012


Summer is here! I know many people are thrilled to hit to the beach, sand or even food hunting. Although Malaysia has all year round of summer (and rains), many of us still love to do something fun during summer. Thanks to schools midterm and university break, we could do anything we want!

Summer often reminds me of enjoying the sunny day. However, walking under the heat would create a sweaty mess! Girls, we know how disgusting it is to have sweat all over your pretty makeup face. To avoid this hot mess, less is definitely more in the summer!

My 10 must have makeup products in my pouch!

  1. Dolly Wink eyeshadow palette in brown
  2. Compact powder from Majorca Majolica Skin Remaker Pore Cover 
  3. Sephora liquid foundation
  4. Blush from ZA
  5. Lip and cheek stain from The Body Shop
  6. Hyper volum mascara from Maybelline NY
  7. Origins Lip Remedy
  8. Liquid eyeliner from Dolly Wink (couldn't live without it!!)
  9. Nude lipstick from Sephora
  10. Shimmer lipstick from Rimmel London

So tell me, what is your must-have products in the summer. Leave your comment below or simply blog about it and let me know!



  1. I cannot live without my Garnier BB Roll-on! It acts as concealer as well as BB cream to target blemishes.
    I can't survive in this hot weather without my eyeliner pen and matte powder. :D

    1. Is Garnier BB Roll On work? Because I'm allergic to their products T______T

  2. It is so beautiful when make ups are put together like this. :)

  3. Hyper volum mascara from Maybelline NY!! I think mascara is important. coz it really brighten up your eyes. LOL. more spakling. HAHA! blink blink.

  4. Hmm. My must have makeup should be just BB cream with SPF and lip balm xD! too hot outside!

    1. HEHE! I know right! Gonna protect our skin! :3