26 June 2012

Penang For Two

It's great to go back to Penang once in awhile to escape the hectic life in the city. The food and friends, it's something that I wouldn't give up for. Boyfie was nice enough to promise me that he would take me with him for an escape after his finals and there I was, Penang!

The island is still incredible after five years. Roads are still remained the same, however tonnes of developments are increasing in that small small island. To my surprise, the view of the beautiful highway by the beach has be replaced with new sky rise buildings. I am no longer can experience the beautiful sea view. #sad

Anyway, we spent three days there to meet up friends and enjoy the good food. We went to Straits Quay at night for some beers with boyfie's friends. Many friends of mine keep on telling me that I have to go to The Library for the beautiful scenery. They are right, the place is built with British Colonies concept and it is actually a marina for sailing yachts.

We also went to Kek Lok Si Temple for sightseeing. I have been waiting for this moment to use my camera for a good use. Kek Lok Si Temple aka 'Temple of Supreme Bliss' was built in 1890 and it has become a famous tourism spot in Penang. I always want to take a good photo at there but my tripod isn't helping me at all, it is too short and I couldn't manage to take the whole Kek Lok Si temple.

All of these pictures at Kek Lok Si temple with the help of my little tripod. #success

The food at Penang is... wait for it... awesome! Boyfie and I really took the opportunity to drive around the island for good food. It's just that we didn't have much time for our main priority: food hunting! But that might be a good thing, at least none of us are getting fatter! HAHA!

Har mee aka Prawn Mee
Penang Curry Mee
New Lane, Penang

It had been quite a journey for me to have a great escape with boyfie. I realised that without him, I might not be in Penang for good food and friends. Fate is there, they said. :)

Thank you! :D