08 June 2012

My Week in Photos

Hello there,

I've been in a pretty good mood lately. You see, my boyfriend is currently having finals and I have been 'dumped' temporary. We didn't really plan our outings and stuff, we would be on the phone roughly 5 minutes every night just to know how is he doing.

Anyway, I have made plans for myself. I would love to share ze photos with you guys :)

Went to Mickey Through Years exhibition in Mid Valley. I don't really fancy about this exhibition
 but it was okay.

In case you didn't know, I. Just. Love. To. Read. I have read The Time of My Life and trust me, you really need get it as well. The story is so funny and really really touch our daily life. You don't want to miss this book out. Cecilia Ahern is simply amazing! 

Went to Tammy Miu's blog birthday bash at My Bazaar, The Scott Garden.
All I can say is food food food! 

Also, I was at My Bazaar and bought a camera bag for myself! *happieee*

Look at those moustaches earrings. I thought of getting those until a bitch girl appeared from no where and just bought everything (2 sets of the rings and earrings).

o_________o I just want to curse....

Boyfriend and I were at Mid Valley for Madagascar 3 premier screening. Out of all the series, Madagascar 3 is the BEST series, it is even BETTER than the original series. 

Enjoying some desserts with boyfriend waiting for the screening.
Strawberry waffle. yums!!!

Nuffnang and ChurpChurp team threw a birthday surprise after the screening. We were surprised as well! lol