I'm a droid

My BlackBerry Bold went nuked when I was working last Wednesday, talking about bad luck.  I was having lunch while (the usual) playing my phone Facebooking and stuff, suddenly one of my favourite app, Photo Studio Pro crashed like shit after updated (I even paid for that shit). The phone kept rebooting and rebooting, it wouldn't stop! I was like 'you gotta be kidding me, AGAIN!?' and wondering around KL city centre with this crazy ass phone.... no lah, but it freaked me out while taking LRT back home with a spoilt phone. I mean, what if something happened? What should I do? I literally went paranoid.

Once I reached home, the first thing I did was complaining to my mom about my phone. I am not being a spoilt kid lah, I usually wouldn't complain my stupid phone because it's convenient to make a call and messaging. But one thing that I HATE BlackBerry the most when it comes to app crash, it happens so many time and I don't feel like paying another RM50 for repairing. I know I can fix the issue myself with manual guidance (GOOGLE MAR) but right... it's risky. What if tak boleh jalan and kena bayar another RM50.... Not worth lah...

Anyway, my mom asked me what phone I want. Immediately I answered, SONY Xperia S or Samsung Galaxy Note. She looked at me like she wanted to punch me and grounded me for the rest of my life.... Okay, I lied. She was in a deep consideration whether I should have a new phone or not, finally she proposed that I should wait till father gets home and decide.

In the evening, my friend informed me that our results are out. I was so eager to check my results and thank goodness I got great result for all subjects. My parents were so happy that I managed to achieve good results because well... I flunked my previous course miserably.... T_____________T''' Seeing that my grades have been improved so much, my dad decided to give me his Samsung Galaxy S2 so he could get another phone. 

I didn't expect anything like this. My parents told me that this phone is considered as my birthday present. I SERIOUSLY DIDN'T EXPECT IT. I was so surprised and asked them is it okay? REALLY? YOU OKAY OR NOT? YOU DON'T HAVE TO GIVE ME THIS PHONE ONE? I was happy, died a little bit inside. 

I am literally happy, I seriously love Samsung Galaxy S2. I know I couldn't get S3 because of the price! But still, S2 is probably the best choice. And ooooo... My dad is generous enough to give me his phone. I am so thankful for that!

To tell the truth, I am so satisfied to have this phone. :3



  1. Awwww your parents are so sweet! Love the Galaxy Note, it's so big and easy to play draw something hahaha... Love white too. :)

    1. Thanks babe! I never thought of this. The note is huge and easy to draw with stylo but s2 is considered huge for me. I have tiny hands. Lol

  2. I want a smartphone too! when will the time come for me? :P

  3. hehehehe. Im using S2 as well! Mad love! :-D

  4. Ooooh you got the Galaxy S2 in white! :D
    Well, your phone dying was a blessing in disguise. :)

  5. I think S2 is good enough, if I were you I would so happy as well (: Happy using your new baby then!