Penang For Two

It's great to go back to Penang once in awhile to escape the hectic life in the city. The food and friends, it's something that I wouldn't give up for. Boyfie was nice enough to promise me that he would take me with him for an escape after his finals and there I was, Penang!

The island is still incredible after five years. Roads are still remained the same, however tonnes of developments are increasing in that small small island. To my surprise, the view of the beautiful highway by the beach has be replaced with new sky rise buildings. I am no longer can experience the beautiful sea view. #sad

Anyway, we spent three days there to meet up friends and enjoy the good food. We went to Straits Quay at night for some beers with boyfie's friends. Many friends of mine keep on telling me that I have to go to The Library for the beautiful scenery. They are right, the place is built with British Colonies concept and it is actually a marina for sailing yachts.

We also went to Kek Lok Si Temple for sightseeing. I have been waiting for this moment to use my camera for a good use. Kek Lok Si Temple aka 'Temple of Supreme Bliss' was built in 1890 and it has become a famous tourism spot in Penang. I always want to take a good photo at there but my tripod isn't helping me at all, it is too short and I couldn't manage to take the whole Kek Lok Si temple.

All of these pictures at Kek Lok Si temple with the help of my little tripod. #success

The food at Penang is... wait for it... awesome! Boyfie and I really took the opportunity to drive around the island for good food. It's just that we didn't have much time for our main priority: food hunting! But that might be a good thing, at least none of us are getting fatter! HAHA!

Har mee aka Prawn Mee
Penang Curry Mee
New Lane, Penang

It had been quite a journey for me to have a great escape with boyfie. I realised that without him, I might not be in Penang for good food and friends. Fate is there, they said. :)

Thank you! :D


Inspiration. Where.

Recently went to Publika with boyfie after his finals. We have never been there before and I heard many positive views from my friends, praising that the place is full of inspiration. The venue is located quite far from my area but that is not going to hold me, I love to see new places.

Indeed, to find this place it was like searching that legend-once-mentioned-place. Thank goodness my phone comes with GPS but it didn't help much, it led us to elsewhere. Even me, nicknamed 'Manual GPS' is way better that programmed GPS. Not bragging but it is true. lol.

The new Istana Negara (National Palace of Malaysia). Pretty grand isn't it?
It is true that the place, Publika has sort-of inspirational elements within the building. From the creative interior design of Ben's Independent Grocer (B.I.G.) with blue theme colour added some Francisco and Sydney flows it in to big wide walkway in Publika with pretty unique shops along the walkway. The place is really artistic enough, no wonder they often have exhibition at Publika. 

Although the place is quite empty (too artistic), I still love it. How often we could get this landscape and design in Kuala Lumpur? It is simply breath-taking, just look at the picture. Do you think it is located in Malaysia? I think not, it most likely in Europe, for example, France. I am not sure about you but this was my first thought when I saw it.

Have you been to any place which instantly inspires you? If does, where is it? 
Publika it is for me. :)



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Boho is all about looking laid back fabulously but effortless at the same time. The style focuses on feathers accessories and tribal prints, most likely creating an earthy-kind of feel. I love Boho style because it gives bohemian free spirit, it doesn't require to have many rules to play off the look. Just a simple laid back tee with denim shorts, pair up with sandals or boots and you are good to go!

Here are some inspiration of pulling this look off:



Boho by peacemusicbabe featuring collar jewelry

Celebrities in Boho: Venessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Miley Cyrus
Credits: posh and broke
On top of that, Boho makeup is the simplest of all: Keep everything natural! This means it doesn't required to have heavy foundation all over your face! Just apply earthy tone eyeshadow colours and apply warm shades (bronzer) on your cheeks to create that sunkist glow with nude shades lipstick or lip balm. Also, don't forget to apply mascara and eye liner to create that beautiful eye!

My version of Boho :)
Bohomenian look with my favourite Diva headband!


I'm a droid

My BlackBerry Bold went nuked when I was working last Wednesday, talking about bad luck.  I was having lunch while (the usual) playing my phone Facebooking and stuff, suddenly one of my favourite app, Photo Studio Pro crashed like shit after updated (I even paid for that shit). The phone kept rebooting and rebooting, it wouldn't stop! I was like 'you gotta be kidding me, AGAIN!?' and wondering around KL city centre with this crazy ass phone.... no lah, but it freaked me out while taking LRT back home with a spoilt phone. I mean, what if something happened? What should I do? I literally went paranoid.

Once I reached home, the first thing I did was complaining to my mom about my phone. I am not being a spoilt kid lah, I usually wouldn't complain my stupid phone because it's convenient to make a call and messaging. But one thing that I HATE BlackBerry the most when it comes to app crash, it happens so many time and I don't feel like paying another RM50 for repairing. I know I can fix the issue myself with manual guidance (GOOGLE MAR) but right... it's risky. What if tak boleh jalan and kena bayar another RM50.... Not worth lah...

Anyway, my mom asked me what phone I want. Immediately I answered, SONY Xperia S or Samsung Galaxy Note. She looked at me like she wanted to punch me and grounded me for the rest of my life.... Okay, I lied. She was in a deep consideration whether I should have a new phone or not, finally she proposed that I should wait till father gets home and decide.

In the evening, my friend informed me that our results are out. I was so eager to check my results and thank goodness I got great result for all subjects. My parents were so happy that I managed to achieve good results because well... I flunked my previous course miserably.... T_____________T''' Seeing that my grades have been improved so much, my dad decided to give me his Samsung Galaxy S2 so he could get another phone. 

I didn't expect anything like this. My parents told me that this phone is considered as my birthday present. I SERIOUSLY DIDN'T EXPECT IT. I was so surprised and asked them is it okay? REALLY? YOU OKAY OR NOT? YOU DON'T HAVE TO GIVE ME THIS PHONE ONE? I was happy, died a little bit inside. 

I am literally happy, I seriously love Samsung Galaxy S2. I know I couldn't get S3 because of the price! But still, S2 is probably the best choice. And ooooo... My dad is generous enough to give me his phone. I am so thankful for that!

To tell the truth, I am so satisfied to have this phone. :3


It's all about summer!

Summer is just around the corner. It's a season for less of everything: less clothes, less stress and less mess!

Clearly we all should celebrate love and enjoy the sun with fun activities.

Starting this week I shall be doing a blog series on summer, from fashion to road trip. This is a challenge to me because it is my first time of doing a theme blog posts. I have been searching on many websites to get inspirations, guidelines and stuff. Hopefully it will turn out pretty well and you all can enjoy it.

I really hope that you can give some suggestions about what should I blog about summer. If you have any suggestions, why not leaving a comment on my blog? I will be so happy to hear it from you :)


Im on instagram!

Just so you know, i finally own an Android phone and im absolutely addicted to instagram. Some of you might think that it's a normal app but for me, it is super chiooo... I really like the app functions, especially the effects! I dont have to run to my computer for editing, that is a +1!

Anyway, if you were as addicted to instagram as me. Dont mind to follow me, cuz i will follow you back!

Instagram: peacemusicbabe


My Week in Photos

Hello there,

I've been in a pretty good mood lately. You see, my boyfriend is currently having finals and I have been 'dumped' temporary. We didn't really plan our outings and stuff, we would be on the phone roughly 5 minutes every night just to know how is he doing.

Anyway, I have made plans for myself. I would love to share ze photos with you guys :)

Went to Mickey Through Years exhibition in Mid Valley. I don't really fancy about this exhibition
 but it was okay.

In case you didn't know, I. Just. Love. To. Read. I have read The Time of My Life and trust me, you really need get it as well. The story is so funny and really really touch our daily life. You don't want to miss this book out. Cecilia Ahern is simply amazing! 

Went to Tammy Miu's blog birthday bash at My Bazaar, The Scott Garden.
All I can say is food food food! 

Also, I was at My Bazaar and bought a camera bag for myself! *happieee*

Look at those moustaches earrings. I thought of getting those until a bitch girl appeared from no where and just bought everything (2 sets of the rings and earrings).

o_________o I just want to curse....

Boyfriend and I were at Mid Valley for Madagascar 3 premier screening. Out of all the series, Madagascar 3 is the BEST series, it is even BETTER than the original series. 

Enjoying some desserts with boyfriend waiting for the screening.
Strawberry waffle. yums!!!

Nuffnang and ChurpChurp team threw a birthday surprise after the screening. We were surprised as well! lol



Summer is here! I know many people are thrilled to hit to the beach, sand or even food hunting. Although Malaysia has all year round of summer (and rains), many of us still love to do something fun during summer. Thanks to schools midterm and university break, we could do anything we want!

Summer often reminds me of enjoying the sunny day. However, walking under the heat would create a sweaty mess! Girls, we know how disgusting it is to have sweat all over your pretty makeup face. To avoid this hot mess, less is definitely more in the summer!

My 10 must have makeup products in my pouch!

  1. Dolly Wink eyeshadow palette in brown
  2. Compact powder from Majorca Majolica Skin Remaker Pore Cover 
  3. Sephora liquid foundation
  4. Blush from ZA
  5. Lip and cheek stain from The Body Shop
  6. Hyper volum mascara from Maybelline NY
  7. Origins Lip Remedy
  8. Liquid eyeliner from Dolly Wink (couldn't live without it!!)
  9. Nude lipstick from Sephora
  10. Shimmer lipstick from Rimmel London

So tell me, what is your must-have products in the summer. Leave your comment below or simply blog about it and let me know!