That model I have been looking at

Vivi May and Summer issue

I have been told that I might get broke from spending money on something expensive. Uh-huh-huh-huh, I did, on ViVi magazines.

It was my lucky day to get these magazines because it is difficult to get the latest issue of ViVi in any typical well known book stores (Kinokuniya is an exception, but it is located at KLCC D: ) and news-stands. However, I was having dinner at Bangsar Shopping Centre yesterday and bumped onto a magazine shop at the far end of the shopping centre which sells the latest issue of ViVi! I did not expect any of that. Without any hesitation, I bought the magazines. 

Just like that, my MYR25 waved goodbye and never return.

the latest trend
denims are in the season :p

What I like ViVi magazine is that heir fashion section is not crappy AT ALL, it always highlights the casual and cute outfits with awesome mix and match ideas. Moreover, it does not include many advertisement pages in the magazine. Like, you pay for good, man. Some magazines consists 50% of advertisement and few pages of fashion and beauty sessions. I understand that it is for their marketing purposes but uh-huh-huh-huh, the magazine like nothing to read also. lol

The collective items featured in the magazine. so pretteh!
Their model, Sara Mary has always been an eye catching for me. 

ViVi Model - Sara Mary

ViVi Models Sara Mary_Lena Fujii
I definitely love her short hair, she is rocking it! :) After reading few pages of ViVi, it turned out that she is a debut singer in Japan. Definitely another +1 for her! I always find out that her look is pretty unique and her personality outfit is catchy, edgy and strong, it is really inspires me a lot.

And she sounds isn't that bad! +1 for Sara mary :P
Finally, this is her latest single 一期一会:

Pretty good isn't it? :p


  1. Yes! I love ViVi models. Compared to other models in other Japanese magazine

  2. AHH.. vivi modal...;)

  3. sara mary have big tummy in orang skirt... :P

  4. The outfits are all so gorgeous in all these magazines. Unfortunately, they are all either 1. Japanese brands that have never seen light of day here in Malaysia OR 2. rip-offs can be found in Sg Wang and in FREE SIZE FML.
    The only thing that can fit me and can be found locally are probably shoes, and i already have a whole rack of them FML

    1. I feel you, I feel you. For me, it doesn't really matter if i could not find the exact piece from the mag (Except those super kawaii lol), however I am kinda inspired from their styles :p

  5. hahaha magazine always the best place for u to learn how to dress up nicely and trendy right? haha