Shu Uemura eco bag design activity

How awesome it can be to have your own design eco-friendly bag, shu uemura organised an activity this morning which participants can design their own bag with painting tools provided. My friends were asking me to join this activity and I thought, why not? I have nothing to do in this semester break.

But one thing, the traffic today was horrendous! I stuck at Jalan Puchong all the way to Syed Putra for 45 minutes, that is unforgiven 'cuz usually it takes me 15 minutes to reach Mid Valley! Damn it. When I reached the outlet, my friends had started designing their tote bags.

Friends at the outlet
I looked at my own blank tote bag and did not know what to draw because it was TOO EARLY for me to think, I have lack creativity issue that's why. I am not into flowers, butterflies designs because it is too ordinary, I was thinking of creating something unique and meaningful to me. Looking around the environment of the mall, I realised that eco-friendly products are crucial to our environment now due to the global warming and other environmental issues. For me, saving the Mother Earth is important as makan and minum, so I started to draw tree or should I say cabbage (because it DOES look like cabbage). 

My Cabbage
Seriously, it looks like cabbage to me rather than greens :p I tried to use oil painting tricks I learnt few years bag to design my tote bag because it dries quickly. I designed this bag for almost 30 minutes! Pro dao... haha 

My bag
What do you think? Pro or not? :P

Participants are not only can get their designed bag, they also go back with this awesome gift set from shu uemura. The purse is so pretteh! =P I love it!

shu uemura skin purifier
The product I got from them is a cleansing oil, Skin Purifier. This makeup remover product is designed for those artists who always apply heavy makeup on stage back in 1950's. It consists of botanical oil rich, jojoba, avocado and others high quality ingredients which could remove the makeup effectively while maintaining the moisture of the skin. (Source: shu uemura

I think that I will only use this cleansing oil when I have heavy makeup because it is too precious to me! If this product really good, I might think of switching my makeup remover to this. MIGHT... money is not my friend. (REVIEW SOON)



  1. wow looks nice! especially the blue world eco.. looks like glowing! haha

    1. Hey Henry! thank you for your kind words :)

  2. Wow, looks fun! I want to join too! :(
    I've heard lots of good things about their cleansing oil, but money is not my friend either. >__< Waiting for your review! :D

    1. Do remind me to do the review. I am always forgetful o.O

  3. I don't think your tree looks like cabbage at all! (: I don't think I can join such activity cause my drawings suck :P

  4. I love the activity. Decorating our very own bag is awesome esp with cabbage :P