Productive indeed

I know how does it feels like to be extremely boring during semester break, I am not going anywhere for vacation except for becoming a driver to fetch my mom back from work. Wait, I might be going somewhere but... still it is yet so far from now. 

To avoid boredom, I have led myself to the obsession of a Facebook game. I know, it is embarrassing. More embarrassing is that I am obsessed of playing The Sims Social. The game is so interactive and always making me to be 'thick face' enough to ask for helps to my friends. 

Damn inspired in The Sims but in real life...... meh.

I decided to try out some makeup look, grey and purple I guess. Dah lupa when did I do this eye look but it is a tedious job to get the eyes done with bunch of gradient eye shadows. Not only that, I also helped my mom to do some makeover for her friend's wedding dinner. I do not know why but my mom always WANT me to help her in makeup, unfortunately
I suck at it.

Do you like it?

Craving for desserts and pastries these days, it could be the symptoms of having a very hectic and stress semester, our semester period was compressed into few weeks shorter due to up coming Olympics 2012 in London. Our university, UEL (University of Easy Learning HAHAHA) has decided to shorten our schedule to prepare for the event.

Hey, I just met you
and this is crazy
but here's my mouth and
I gotta eat you...
Boy you came into my life
I crave you so bad
I crave you so bad
I crave you so so bad...
(Call me maybe lyrics HAHA)

I also decided to create a simple light box to do my photo shots, mainly for my blog like beauty reviews or some cute stuff to share.  I really thought of creating this light box for a long time but I have no where to get a piece of white cloth until now! It is a great use in enhancing product shots with less noise and much more focus to the product itself. These are some of my test shots:

Maybe, just maybe my holiday is quite productive after all. Food, games and my passion of doing something I love, which is makeup and photography. It could be a best time to improve my skills. =) I really think that I should use my time wisely for these since I cannot get an internship or part time job because of my LAN subjects classes, it is pretty sad 'cause the classes fall in the weekdays. 

Lousy timetable.

I also current active on Pinterest and weheartit for inspiration in fashion, beauty, design and food. I love photography, fashion and beauty, which makes me so happy that I could see new inspirations every day. If you have Pinterest or wehearit accounts or both, why not add/follow me? I would definitely love it :)

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  1. I wish I have holidays too, now with work - holidays seem... impossible. :P

  2. Wah, you have great taste - macarons! I prefer pastries though :)