Markets @ Jaya One 6

Markets has organised a flea market/ bazaar at Jaya One today. As a fashion lover, I couldn't resist to miss out this awesome event. The place was so crowded, every fashion lovers were there to pick out their favourite pieces, it was like their heaven.

The huge crowd at centre
Markets has brought in more than 80 vendors raging from clothing and craft to food and housewares. Believe me, it is really huge and we got lost in the bazaar on my way to the parking bay. Anyhow, we managed to find my car in this crowded area.
#close enough. Anyway, I managed to take some photos despite the huge crowd. The sellers were nice enough for not stopping me. 

Tongue in Chic had their ticTV soft launch with DIY tote bag activity

Many shoppers were ogling the shoes at Kiss & Tell booth

Pretty booth decoration at the craft section
So many oriental inspired pieces, I don't know what to choose!

Things that really caught my eyes in the bazaar is that more and vendors are entering into organic D.I.Y. beauty products. It is a pretty cool stuff to do because it is environmental friendly and their products smell good!

Variety of soap bars at The Bubble Lab booth. 

Organic skin care products from Kindersoaps 

There are some vendors influenced by the culture, from vintage to popular subculture.

Vintage items. 
Old version of Enid Blyton's and Lady Bird.
I used to have those books!
Cute badges from I heart badges

It was a fun day at the bazaar with my mom, we were having somehow a 'Mother and Daugther bonding time' LOL. Another reason is because she was the one who paid for nearly everything. :D Because you guys are special to me, I am going to share some of things that I've bought from Markets.

Scarf-inspired top from House of Allure
It is a scarf-inspired top with pretty unique design, a summer piece indeed! I believe that it can be worn with bikinis or shorts, having ice cream by the beach under the hot sun. Or maybe with a black leather jacket that would increase the oomph factor. Definitely a versatile piece because it can be scarf as well.

Close up design

Were you guys at Markets too? Do share your day with me here! :)



  1. yes yes....But compare to last 2 months one's,this month Markets not much of stalls. Haha...
    but still awesome. Maybe July still got..*maybe lar*

    1. it was my first time to attend Markets and I was impressed! It is bigger compared other bazaars I went haha! Hopefully they will organise another one in July ;)

  2. Woohoo! Looks like you had fun there! :D *drooling at the shoes and accessories* The scarf-top is really unique. :D

  3. Wow the bazaar looks interesting... And the shoessss... Hahaha

  4. i was there too. will be posting about this soon

  5. Replies
    1. I felt bad for not trying the food there. I was so surrounded by the clothes ><

  6. Love the variety of shoes there! So colorful!!

  7. Kinda regret I didn't make it T.T

    1. Awww... don't be! They will be another Markets in July. *rumour has it* :)