How to: Makeup Fix Spray

I love makeup. Unfortunately, my makeup does not stay as long as it should! It starts to smudge after two hours or three, especially when I'm running around like mad under the hot sun (university, shhh!) In order to prevent from smudging and become like a panda, it is best to buy makeup fix spray from those brands which would cost me a fortune. For a bottle of makeup fix spray, it costs roughly above MYR100! 

that is mad, okay.

HOWEVER, I found out a method to make myself a makeup fix spray with simple ingredients and steps!  (Thanks to GOOGLE!) Seriously, those ingredients are available in most local pharmacies and make-up supply stores. I was so happy about it and eager to share with you guys on how I made my very own makeup fix spray!

First thing first, we gather the stuff before making it. All you need is:
  1. Water. Any water will do
  2. Toner/ Essential Oil
  3. Glycerin. I bought baby mouth wash because it contains 100% pure glycerin, which mean....acceptable lah.
  4. An empty spray bottle


Divde the bottle into FOUR parts!
Add one part of glycerin to the empty spray bottle
Then, add 3 parts of water
And last, just add 1 or 2 drops of toner into the bottle!

At last! The making of makeup fix spray is COMPLETE! Whenever you want to use it, SHAKE IT BEFORE YOU SPRAY! To see whether it works or not, I decided to spray it before heading out. When I returned back to my home, I found out that my makeup still stayed after four hours! 


Probably the best DIY project I have done for a time being. I purposely did a heavy makeup (heavy eye makeup, contours and highlights) to see the results of applying this awesome makeup fix spray and it works very well :) 

Hopefully this post could help those who need makeup fix spray like me without burning our purses.

Tell me if it works on you or not! 



  1. this is my lifesaver! gonna try it! :D

    1. Thanks babe! You should try it! :)

  2. Wow, this sounds really useful! :D I must try it, because the thought of burning >RM100 for a makeup setting spray is just too much, lol.

    1. You should! and do tell me whether it works on you or not! :)

  3. cool! do you think this would work when i use it WHILE putting on makeup? though usually i don't need setting sprays - my make-up sits quite obediently most of the time~

    1. I'm not very sure because the product is technically for staying put the makeup for long hours. You can try it tho :)

  4. Really works? So cool! Thanks for sharing :)