Finals: meme

I have lost my blogging mojo completely. Whenever I am staring at the blank draft page of my blog, I have no idea what to write. Ever since I have survived from that terrible semester finals with my mates, almost every time I would rather spend my time on camera rather than my blog. 

It is true, I love my camera.

Every time I thought of my Fundamentals of Finance test, I would be very mad indeed. Here's the thing, lecturer gave us the wrong hints. I fairly understand that we should not rely on the tips giver for our exams but this is exceptional. You see, our paper consists of two sections, A and B. As usual, we have to complete the question in Section A while choosing a question to complete in Section B. Our lecturer told us that in Section B, there will be questions on theories and calculation, therefore it has to be 50:50, right? However during the test, we were shocked over the questions on the paper. In Section B, both questions are purely related to theories and none of us ever heard of it. Yes, it is true! It is really unfair to us, I mean if the lecturer did not want to give us tips, then don't give! But why the lecturer would give the wrong general tips!?

My coursemates were unhappy as I was because we spent literally whole day and night to study for this finals! I started to study on the day before the test but majority did studied the week before! It is really a bad experience of all of us, and guess what, this paper is so-called killer paper in our degree programme. Now that is really sad. My friend was so unhappy, he decided to make a meme out of it the night after the test. Rage much.

Come to think of it, the meme is quite TRUE and FUNNY at the same time. Oh boi, my friend is one brave guy because the meme is super obvious and risky. I mean, what if it went into the wrong hands. o_o and I am posting THIS on my blog. But umm (Robin Scherbatsky joke)...

lol. HIEK x 3

Well, come to think of it. Next time when people start giving you hope, do not RELY on it. OH MY GOD, NO NO NO NO NO NO... "Dah nampak hantu, memang takut bilik gelap kan?" (literally translated from Cantonese)

Anyway, after that terrible event. We went to Aquaria KLCC to see fishies to pujuk diri sendiri, lol. Bad experience over there mate, we still cannot forgive the event, sigh.


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