Magic wands

I do not know why I love makeups, I just find it interesting, very interesting. With simple brushes or pencils, a flick with your hand and your whole look has changed into a whole new look.

I believe in magic, I call my makeup tools 'my wands'.

and that is the only thing I am good OK at, I sux in other arts.

I am a kind of girl that could not live without makeups but it does not mean that I cannot leave my house without any makeup. I still can attend class, makan or any random stuff without applying any makeup on my face. It is just that when it comes to dinner, dates or any occasions, I need to have something to stick on my face or else, I will hide my face into the mud.

Seriously, no kidding. *mud mask... Mmmmm*

It is not just a pretty face or trying to achieve flawless/perfection look. For me, I think it is to enhance our own unique features and to be confident or respect others such as when in a corporate meeting, dinner, or your friend's wedding day. You gotta look good for the photos right? 

There is something I like about makeup, the creativity of a person can pull off the look! These (below) are the photos taken in L.A.M.B. Fall/Winter 2012 show done by Charlotte Willer, Maybelline's Make Up Artist. It is really interesting that how she brought up the edgyness on the eyes with a blue eyeliner!

I seriously adore this look so much I could wear this whole day because it is really special and nice!... If society let me to do this, lol.

What is your thoughts? What is your passion?

pictures credited to and Maybelline New York facebook page.

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