Furry peanut: The Lorax

Behold, Universal Studio has summoned a mystical creature, The Lorax to tell us the message of the importance of environment with the help of Dr Seuss!

All thanks to Nuffnang for giving us an opportunity to watch another great story from Dr. Seuss. If you did not know, Dr Seuss is a guy behind many famous children story books with the hint of messages, such as The Cat in The Hat, Horton Hears Who and so on! The story is basically starts with rhymes in order to help the children read! Interesting no?

So basically, the story is about a guy named Ted who has a crush on Audrey in a search of the last Truffula tree seed with the help of Once-ler (the guy behinds everything).

Verdict: This movie is mainly targeting children as well as adults who adores Dr Seuss (like me!). Some of the adults rather feel that it is so childish and there are a lot of singing and stuff (like my boyfriend lol). I like the graphic, we do not have to pay another price of 3D effect because the movie is already in 3D kind of feel. I found it very cute and meaningful for a children movie.

I brought my companion along and we had a great time at the malls after the movie since the parking was freaking jam afterwards. We played my newly bought camera with tonnes of silly shots and window shopping (for real!)

We had a great time. =)



  1. I enjoyed the movie too (: Everything is so colourful and cute!

  2. @Hilda Milda™Hi dear! Yeah, I enjoyed the movie too!