Sorry for lacking updates these days, I am so busy over my assignments  o(T__T)o  Trust me, the assignments now are harder and I have no idea what is question about.

I literally spend my whole day looking through materials and journals to support my assignment.

This is what I have been dealing with for past few days, reading and jotting down the important points with arguments.

Consider this as my releasing stress post, I love my St. Paddy's hat!


1, 2, 3, 4

There are many things happened to me lately, good or bad but I am happy that I have you :)
I am pretty happy today, out of all sudden.
Could it be because of you?

pictures taken from weheartit.com


Sent my brother off to Japan today, he will be experiencing in Japanese culture for over the week. Guess what, his foster parents open a candy shop at Kyushu! *Candy!*

When is my turn to have da fun?


Had Green frappe while researching materials ♥



Reading some materials for my assignments is such a pain ass, especially when the lecturer requires us to have at least ten strong references for a question.It is just so difficult to R.E.A.D..

But I am good in reading novels.

Or maybe this is the main reason why I hate to read.

But it is the only way to get a degree.

Let's go shopping!
i'm dead.

pictures taken from weheartit.com

Guinness: St. Patrick's Day

Another toast to celebrate St Patrick's Day, a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17th March in Ireland, where Guinness came from. This celebration has going on all over the world, from Australia to USA, even Malaysia attempted to have the most people celebrate St Patrick's Day at Changkat Bukit Bintang last Saturday.

and I was there! :D

Look at the crowd

Owh to Guinness! =)
We went for The Comedy Club Asia show and Papa CJ was super hilarious, especially the way he started the yoga class before the talk show! :)

Bf and I

Many thanks to Jq Lee, blogger of Niaangel for the Guinness stout vouchers and it was pleasure to meet Carina Yeoh, blogger of in my NUT'S shell.


Uni life: Careers in Accounting and Finance Talk

The audience and the guests
My team, Business Economics and Accounting Club a.k.a. BEAC had invited two representatives from IBM to have a talk on careers in Accounting and Finance areas today :)

The representatives  =)

I am so happy that we could manage to pull off the talk with more than 50 students!
Great work guys!

The BEAC committes
Thank you!!

Lychee and wild berries, yums :)

Lychee and wild berries, yums :)

-taken at Snogurt, SS15.

ohsum time!

Having awesome coursemates is ohsumm!
The only time I really enjoy uni life without any stress but fun FUN FUN.



Greetings Earthlings,

I am so excited that I can be an amateur photographer, owning an Olympus E-PL3 is really a dream comes true to me =)  

I have been dreaming to get a good quality camera for my future photography purposes. I love to take streets, landscape and close up shots because they always produce a unique capture. However, portrait shots are not in my mind, let those to the professional photographers =D 

Here are some of my shots:

Ikura Chawanmushi.
Interior - The Gardens, Mid Valley

Moreover, I have created an account at Flickr, where we can share our photos with others. If you are interested to take a look of my works, do click the link here. I hope that you enjoy viewing it and do give me some feedbacks okay!



Dress: Debenhams
Blazer: SEED
Bag: Carlo Rino
Flats: Tiamo

Took this when we were attending to Nuffnang premiere screening of The Lorax. =)
Check out the review here :)

Furry peanut: The Lorax

Behold, Universal Studio has summoned a mystical creature, The Lorax to tell us the message of the importance of environment with the help of Dr Seuss!

All thanks to Nuffnang for giving us an opportunity to watch another great story from Dr. Seuss. If you did not know, Dr Seuss is a guy behind many famous children story books with the hint of messages, such as The Cat in The Hat, Horton Hears Who and so on! The story is basically starts with rhymes in order to help the children read! Interesting no?

So basically, the story is about a guy named Ted who has a crush on Audrey in a search of the last Truffula tree seed with the help of Once-ler (the guy behinds everything).

Verdict: This movie is mainly targeting children as well as adults who adores Dr Seuss (like me!). Some of the adults rather feel that it is so childish and there are a lot of singing and stuff (like my boyfriend lol). I like the graphic, we do not have to pay another price of 3D effect because the movie is already in 3D kind of feel. I found it very cute and meaningful for a children movie.

I brought my companion along and we had a great time at the malls after the movie since the parking was freaking jam afterwards. We played my newly bought camera with tonnes of silly shots and window shopping (for real!)

We had a great time. =)


I become a Nerd

Hi guys, I have became another girl in a pair HUGE glasses. 

Owning this pair of glasses is risky, you know why? Apparently, not many people can accept the designs. They might go, 'are you seriously want to invest in a pair of nerdy glasses? What a nerd.' shit like that.

Well. sort of.

My boyfriend could not accept the UGLY truth at first but he is used to it now... because HE HAS TO.

However, I love it because of its simplicity. Big and Bold. Plus, this glasses come with nerd power which can help my grades to sky high, exactly what I need  =D

I love the fedora so much :)

Magic wands

I do not know why I love makeups, I just find it interesting, very interesting. With simple brushes or pencils, a flick with your hand and your whole look has changed into a whole new look.

I believe in magic, I call my makeup tools 'my wands'.

and that is the only thing I am good OK at, I sux in other arts.

I am a kind of girl that could not live without makeups but it does not mean that I cannot leave my house without any makeup. I still can attend class, makan or any random stuff without applying any makeup on my face. It is just that when it comes to dinner, dates or any occasions, I need to have something to stick on my face or else, I will hide my face into the mud.

Seriously, no kidding. *mud mask... Mmmmm*

It is not just a pretty face or trying to achieve flawless/perfection look. For me, I think it is to enhance our own unique features and to be confident or respect others such as when in a corporate meeting, dinner, or your friend's wedding day. You gotta look good for the photos right? 

There is something I like about makeup, the creativity of a person can pull off the look! These (below) are the photos taken in L.A.M.B. Fall/Winter 2012 show done by Charlotte Willer, Maybelline's Make Up Artist. It is really interesting that how she brought up the edgyness on the eyes with a blue eyeliner!

I seriously adore this look so much I could wear this whole day because it is really special and nice!... If society let me to do this, lol.

What is your thoughts? What is your passion?

pictures credited to weheartit.com and Maybelline New York facebook page.