When a nerd complains

Lack of blogging mojo lately, I really need to have blogging pills now. Do they have it in store? I think I shall create it and sell it to all the procrastinating bloggers out there. LOL. #random

Semester 2 is like a MESS! My timetable sucks so bad I have classes on Saturday. Who goes for classes in weekends!? especially from 8am till 1.30pm straight. Goodness gracious. Imagine that I have morning classes rather than afternoon classes this time...
I am so dead. shiitt.

The lecturer is not impressed with our works last semester and he needs us to do it better enough this time. That is why I almost spend my whole entire week to search for journals and articles for my soon-to-release assignments. 

Homework + Twitter. :D

By the way, I went to The Curve with my uni-mate for lunch. #meatballs! I also decided to get a new pair of glasses because my current one is old and filthy already, #sadmax. The one I bought this time is super cute, it is a geek glasses aka BIG GLASSES like a nerd. :3

Geek glasses

something like that and no, I am not getting a Ray Ban. It is way tooo expensive! I saw Miss Sixty glasses which is currently having 50% sales, I wanted to get that until I saw that one pair of super kawaii glasses at A-Look, it is only for RM138 (frame)!! 
....until I got my eyes check and the Hoya lens are FUCKING expensive.

I wish I could be as sexy as her when I wear that specs lol.
Damn it. but it is okay, it is good for my eyes. (still cannot believe with the price).
hopefully it can really help me with my grades, the #nerdpower.


  1. I also need to make new glasses d. =( Been using the ones I had since 2008, omg.

    Good luck with your studies! I just got my timetable this week and it sucks too. But at least no class on Saturday la. *pats*

    Walao, if we all can look as good as the girl in the pic when wearing glasses, I swear i will never wear contact lens ever again HAHAHAHA. Okay, maybe not (because i'm addicted to contacts) but you get my meaning. XD

    1. Hey there :) If I could be as sexy as a nerd... I would ditch my contact lens!!! EXCEPT for when I have to wear my sundies for driving purposes. LOL