Valentine's Day: Of simple and special

I am grateful enough to have a nice boyfriend for three years and it keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Our Valentine's celebration is pretty much average, no wine and lavish food, just an average dinner at our local Italian restaurant and spent whole afternoon in Pavilion. It is just like a normal outing where I can get into book store (usual) to hunt some books and bodek him to get me loose powder as Valentine's Day present. Chilling in a Japanese coffee shop, En Ginza with cute doraemon latte and a bowl of Udon. 

Doraemon latte art


Boyfriend was trying to understand my course more lol

Just like what we do in normal weekends :)

To tell the truth, I am not kind of girl who fancy over Valentine's Day. I do not really want to have expensive dinner on that day itself as both of us are still students, our allowances are kinda constrained. Unlike some other girls who really cannot deal the fact that their boyfriends couldn't pay their super expensive meals at high end restaurants (I am not joking, some girls ARE like that, God knows why). 

Little Italy Restaurant, Puchong
That's me

Well, wine and ribs on Valentine's Day are not a big deal at all, we can have ribs like any other days. Usually, restaurants which come out with Vday dinner sets are really suck big time because they do not prepare the food decently. I have tried once (wayyyyyy before when I was single with family lol) and yes, it was suck. I tweeted about the flower my boyfriend bought for me on our Valentine's Day and how fast the flower will die, Aki Borneo immediately replied me: no, not the flower to see, the people who give em.. Ha ha ha.. :D.. That's one will sure tahan lama.. :p . Which is funny and true! I somehow truly agreed with him!

As we look in different angles, Valentine's Day is just a day to remember our special people, regardless of couple or family and friends. My dad was so nice he purposely bought a Valentine's cake for all of us (surprise!) from Levain on that day itself. 

It was so nice of dad to get a Vday cake for us all!

On that day itself, the Tuesday of Valentine's Day. Boyfriend has classes to attend and I read my favourite story book at home. We only went out for late supper just for the sake of Vday and we were supposed to go to Starbucks but ended up at Wong Kok Restaurant because it is cheaper and fuller lol.

Around 10pm, we had heavy supper aiyoyo ><

It doesn't matter what we did, went on Valentine's Day. The most important thing is to remind us how special we are to someone (friends or family). :3

PS: tomorrow will be my turn to get him a Vday+Birthday+Xmas pressie!
Kiamsiap girlfriend XD


  1. You are sooo lucky! :) Wish you all the best with your boyfie!

  2. @LauraLeiaWhere got... my boyfie baru lucky. no need to vomit so much money lol :D

  3. Awesome day you have there! <3 May your love last looooooooooonnnnnnnnggggg time!

  4. whoots! watching romance movie together is the best! =D
    and the doraemon so cute! =D