Simple cat eye look

Finally I have the time to do another dramatic cat eyes look tutorial =)

*Damn happie okieeee*

Mysterious dramatic look
To achieve this dramatic look, all you need to have are a eyeliner PENCIL and a brown shimmering/matte eyeshadow colours.

1. Apply light brown colour all over your lid =) Matte colour that suits to your skin colour is also can be applied on your eye lid.

2. Apply a dark brown colour on your crease to create deep set of your eye crease, it will show your eyes in 3D effect lol.

3. Next, use a black eyeliner pencil to line a cat eye. Line up from the outer corner of your eye to the centre of your eyelid and STOP! =O

4. *The trick is here* Use a cotton swab and smudge the liner all over the eyelid, this will create a smooth line.

5. Use the eyeliner pencil again and line up your waterline to define your eye!

and.... You are done!! with your eye look. 
After that, you can apply your foundation, loose powder, your favourite lip colour and a hint of blusher!

Serious look lol
It is simple as that! What I like about this dramatic cat eye look is that it is SUPER easy (you can achieve it within 10 minutes!) and it is super casual for class or lunch with my girls or even, movie dates!

I hope you like this simple tutorial and if you have something to say, why not leave a comment below! =) Thanks!



  1. Hmm.. cat eyes! U can actually top it off with dramatic mascara to look more cat like =^_^=
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  2. Very nice and simple eye makeup look! :D I'm still trying to figure out how to do a smokey eye w/o looking like a panda, haha! >__<

  3. @Sherrie Pui Hey there! Thanks for you comment =D Yeah, with falsies are even fierce. MEOW~ :D

  4. @LauraLeiaThanks babe =) Hmmm... Maybe you can try natural colour like brown instead of black. :D A tutorial perhaps?? LOL.

  5. Wow, nice and simple (: Maybe I should learn how to use eyeliner first before proceeding to this cat eye look >.<

  6. @Hilda Milda™ :D Thanks for commenting! Practise makes perfect! :)

  7. heyy.. Nice tut.. :)
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    ❤I Diva❤