First vlog

Happy Valentine's peeps!

Most of you would be going out to have a fantabulous day with your partner today in lavish restaurant, celebrating the day of love. :3 However, I have already celebrated pre-Valentine's Day with my boyfie at our local community Italian restaurant few days ago.

I was pretty bored today, my sem just started so there is nothing much to do. What I did was talking to the camera and made a vlog. MY very FIRST VLOG! Teehee. the only moment where I literally talked about random stuff and blinked, nodded and blurred. lol.

My vid has HD quality too! So don't watch in crappy 360p. :)

Pretty funny huh, my English is so horrible I was laughing mad while watching the video. Anyway, it just for the sake of fun :D! Hopefully you guys understand my horrible English with fully Malaysian accent in it lol.


1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha Love your first attempt at a vlog! You're so cute! XD And don't worry, I speak like that too. In fact, I hate my voice on record.

    OMG you bought the Sephora palette O___O And me jelly the Candy Doll loose powder lol. The eyeshadow look you did is really sweet~ <3

    Wait, you like Rob Pat? Uhhh.... okaaaay. lol
    I totally cried like a baby the first time I watched The Notebook on HBO or something. Like, buckets. BUCKETS.