Ainaa's birthday

Presenting Ainaa, the birthday girl who had her wish came true having a meal at Dreamz Bakery, The Strand Kota Damansara. It was my first time driving alone to Kota Damansara from my far far away land, thank goodness I was able to find this cute little concept cafe!

The girl with the big smile on her face!
The place has this kind of a new concept interior design which emphasize on the cosiness of the shop, with cute drawings. I bet most of the girls love this place so much! Dreamz Bakery actually do have custom made cakes for all cake lovers out there for their birthdays, weddings, anything you can name it they will do it.

The concept

The interior

Let's check out the cakes here,

Layer cake
How cute is that plate! I wonder where they get these plates cuz I wanna get it as well! Ainaa ordered her favourite cake in this shop, she told us that it tastes yummy :3

I ordered tiramisu. The texture is creamy (very good) but the taste is somehow...disappointed me. It is just a regular tiramisu in most shops and somehow pH tiramisu is much tastier than this. I am suck in describing food but this just does not fancy me at all. 3: For rating, myabe 3 out of 5.

Hello Kitty Almond cookies
But one thing DID fancy me was Hello Kitty almond cookies, the biscuit has a strong almond taste and crunchy too :) I bought one packet of the cookies ended up Scotty ate it all. Sighh... My dog is not a dog, he is the prince of the house. 

Cute stamps!
The fun part of this cafe is that you can write some cute messages for your friends or hang it up on their walls. GIRLS LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TO HAVE THIS KIND OF ACTIVITY, I am one of them and I am wondering why... 

Ainaa and her card

My random made card, the massage goes:
To everyone here, Hello & Bye Bye!

Group shot with my friends :3
We really had a great time chatting about things, from education to horror stories and Yuri/Yaoi. Thank goodness none of us are Yuri/Yaoi fans, lol. The best thing about this is that I get to meet them tomorrow with another new episode of fun fun fun and.....assignments. ><



  1. Uwaaaaa the place is so cute! But how's the pricing of the food there? >_<

    1. Just like any regular cafes, cakes: RM5-RM12 :) drinks RM4-RM15

  2. wo0w, where do u stay? drive alone to Damansara? that's dangerous~!! alot of car ahh!^^

  3. Oh my! This is such adorable, lovely and cute cafe. It's one of my dream cafe. :D

    I love the plate of the layer cake with the love on it. <3

  4. i think ur fren is saying "gv me peace!" LOL

  5. @Eunice: Hello! I have been in Bukit Jalil for quite some times! FAR
    RIGHT!!! 3:

    @Diana Diane Teo: Thanks for commenting! You should go there, it is really lovely! =)

    @Henry Tan: HAHA. I KNOW but same thing marr XDD