A shade of blue

After attempting on trying out Kelly Clarkson's Stronger music video look few days ago, I got hooked up on shimmering eye shadow cream because of its creamy texture :3

Inspired by the sky and peacock, I used both blue eye shadow and green shimmering cream eye colour on my eyes. I picked dark blue for my outer corner of my eyes and made a 'V' shape and carefully to maintain my inner crease as clean as possible. After that, I used the green shimmering eye shadow on my inner crease, dab onto my crease softly then soften whole look with blending brush. With a bit of lavender eye colour, it can soften out the the 'V' shape. To define my eyes, initially I used darkest blue colour to line up my eye then with a black gel liner, creating a soft cat eye look. Using the same colour, applied it on lower lash line to make the whole look balance. =3 

With mascara, your look is completed!

Close up

Ooh! My round face:3

I personally adore this look because it is kinda sweet and edgy at the same time, it suits my face technically because I look good in cold colour. :3 

What do you think? Tell me lah~ 


  1. It looks pretty good on you! :)
    Somehow, blue eyeshadows always look weird/horrible on me. >__< They always make me look like I've just been punched, lol!

  2. @LauraLeiaHello there =) Thanks for commenting hehe.How about purple? I think it looks fine on you. :)

  3. @Nicole Sim Yup, purple is my fave colour, hehe~ :D

  4. Nice! Yeah blue makes my eyes look like I got punched if I don't apply them well... I think it's cute. :)

  5. nice one!