Pet dragons!

Great news everyone, I officially have pet dragons in the haus! Mommy thinks that it would be so cute to adopt these four dragons to our family and attract good luck and prosperity (Chinese has it all the time). 

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I bet everyone is rushing decorating the haus in order to usher the Dragon of the year. Look at Pavilion, they even have a gigantic dragon in their building. To tell the truth, I had a feeling there will be a dragon hanging around in the building for this CNY decoration and boy I was right after all! =]

Credits: My awesome friend Ryan JY
I really need to get myself a DSLR and not stealing other photos.

So instead of getting the fierce dragons, we have the cute version ones because we already have our very own version of fierce Chinese Northen lion, our Shih Tzu - Scotty. He is fierce when it comes to strangers, he barks like mad when he sees you. 

In other words, don't be fooled by his cuteness!

Enough with the random lines, I want to show you my new pets!
#1 Three dragons share in the same box nest
How sweet is that!

#2 my very own pet dragon, he is huge and fluffy!

Daddy thought that I love huge plush toys, unfortunately I have too many plush toys in my room and I do not think I will get myself another giant soft toys.... but but but but this dragon plush toy is SO CUTEEE!!

I better take back my words.

Teehee. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!