Missy meets smexy

Notice I have changed my blog title from peacemusicbabe to Little Miss Smexy? I have some hard time  deciding on what name should my blog change to until I read my old posts. I realized I am engaging to self-esteem boosting related posts, ie. labels: fashion, OOTD, beauty. Back in 2010 or way before that, I always blog about my miserable life, how sucks my life was back then. To be honest, I was not confident of myself, my soul and my body figure, it was like a girl being trapped in a dark room or tempurung without exposing to positive sight of life.

I was afraid
until I started to watch makeup tutorials online, I found out that hey, being beautiful is not about fitting in a UK6-8 clothe, it is all about how you present yourself, inside and out :) - in my point of view. I decided to take off from the worst side of me to a better self person with the help of the tutorials, some fashion blogs and the loves from my friends! In my case, I believe that with the help of make ups and appropriate clothings will definitely boost up my-self confident instantly because of the confidence I have. Also, after I switched the toughest course UoL to UEL programme I am a happier person. This is true. 

I was not afraid of taking chances and enjoying my life, here is the recap of memories in 2011:

My very first modelling work in university.
It was actually an unexpected one, the actual girl could not make so I had to replace her with a sudden call from my friend. Without a doubt, I said yes and took it as a challenge to portray as a Korean. It was all paid off =)

My very first makeup tutorial
Ahh, reminds of me guts and narcissism, trying not to laugh while writing this post, lol. 

21st Birthday
Celebrated my 21st birthday with close friends at Italianese, The Curve. It was an awesome evening with laughter =P

First Nuffnang experience
I have been with Nuffnang for more than two years yet this was my first movie premier screening with Nuffies. FREE MOVIE WOOHOO!

First OOTD post
Narcissism alert. I just love to try new things to prove that I am a confident person.

Won passes to Arthur's Day
Participated a contest on Emma's blog and won two passes to this event. Awesome night with boyfie's friends and also, Dragon Red rocked the night!

First time in East Coast of Peninsular of Malaysia
Decided to have a road trip with boyfie to Kuantan for two days. The beach is cleaner than Penang beach OMYGOSH. WHY SO CLEAN, like Diamond water lol.

I am glad that 2011 gave me a splendid memories which truly transformed myself to be a happier person. To see that I transformed from an ugly duckling to a swan, it means that from a child to a grown up miss, I think it is time to leave my present blog title peacemusicbabe to a smexy one: Little miss smexy. lol, I yet still don't want to grow up so fast!

But the most important I have learnt in 2011 is to accept who you are and embrace it because you are unique, ONE and ONLY in this universe! 

damn I heart this quote so much
Just be yourself and have fun!!

ps: Some pictures I taken are from www.weheartit.com


  1. I'm glad that c 1 of my frens really understand wat is true beauty. N yes, i c this from you, full with confident and happy wit ur size. Gambateh!