January Beauty Haul

How is Chinese New Year treating you lately? It is about time to check your make up products expiry date, you do not want some chemicals affecting your beautiful skin right?

I actually bought some cosmetic products few weeks ago and decided to do a HAUL post.
Sephora Hydrating and Smoothing foundation in D30
I am a huge fan of Sephora products, I have been in Sephora outlet at least once a month just to restock my stuff lol. They were having sales and this liquid foundation costed MYR35 only (I have forgotten the original price, it is around MYR60+)!! It was very cheap to get a good quality foundation. I could not show the swatch because my camera is not sensitive enough T__T but I found out that the foundation tends to be greasy a bit, maybe because I had been using Cyber Colour Mineral foundation which gives soft and jelly-like foundation. 

However Sephora Hydrating and Smoothing foundation is smooth on the skin and does has some glowy effect! When the sun hits me, damnnn I look tan sometimes lol But after applying loose powder my skin colour is back to normal. Yay? At least it does not make me look like some cheesy vampires hek.

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colours in LSS604 Jupiter

Yay! My first ever NYX product! Bought it at Offline Shop @ Berjaya Times Square, which is way larger than Sunway Pyramid outlet. If you wanna get NYX products, the palettes and stuff, this shop is way to go! It is quite cheap actually, for MYR18 you can have pinkishliscious lips instantly!
Cons: Aweful smell.... but I got used to it YAY!

Stippling brush
After collecting ang pows, it is the time to spend! I really need a liquid foundation brush so badly (my sponge just died T__T) I went searching for the perfect brush aroud Kuala Lumpur. The one I initially spotted was Top Shop foundation brush for MYR33 but for me, I do not think that the quality might match with the price, thinking that it can be some kind of image branding price. But if you know or using Topshop make products, please tell me whether their products are nice or not cuz I have been eyeing some products.

Neehoos, I bought this brush at The Lash Bar, Sunway Pyramid for MYR39. The promoter told me that this is the IN brush which many people are using right now. Thought that wahhhh... Must be veli nais d lahhh so mani people use worrr so I decided to buy it and try. Turned out to be.... GREAT! =P And it is actually named as stippling brush which can give you an airbrush effect, baru I tau adui.
Cons: It is kinda stiff at first but after some times the brush is more flexible.

And that's it, my January Beauty Haul =]


  1. Thanks for the info on the Lash Bar's stippling brush! Was kinda looking for a good, affordable/reasonable priced brush too but some good brands can get too painful for the wallet :(

  2. After seeing your pictures... I wanna go Sephora now! :)