Hime gyaru vs traditional

Haeya everyone,

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, the time where relatives gather together for prosperity, luck and angpows! Who does not like that, right? 

I did some researches on make up looks to match my cheongsam for this Sunday reunion dinner with my close relatives. I recently got hooked up on Tsubasa Masuwaka's cute hime-gyaru style.

Hime-gyaru is seriously popular in Japan, even Koda Kumi from sex symbol to hime-gyaru!
Clean and neat, with big dolly eyes, which look like a princess to me!

Inspired by her Candy Doll look,

This is what I have became, super animated eyes.

I did not use false lower eyelashes, instead I applied mascara and small amount of falsies glue on my lower eyelashes. Wait for 15 seconds, use a tweezer to press the lashes firmly to the skin. In other words, I stick the lashes onto my skin to enlarge my eyes. 0___________0

Super creepy, I know. 

I am not sure whether I have made the right decision on having THIS look with my traditional clothes. It will be VERY interesting. hehek :)



  1. looks kawaii !! :D for bigger eyes you can also use brown eye pencils they really make your eyes look more cuter ^^