Getting better.

Hi guys, it has been awhile... I am so busy taking care of my sick dog recently, fortunately enough he is gradually getting better and better *fingers crossed*. What I most worried is that he still does not want to eat any food, literally. We have to finger food him with blended dog water food in every two to three hours using syringe! That is really scary...

It looks something like this.
(via MSN)
Mom bought some roasted duck for dinner today. I love roasted duck so much I curi makan UNTIL my dog smelled his ULTIMATE favourite food in the world, he rampas the duck from me and nearly bit my finger.
-__________________- My dog does not eat any of his dog food but hunger for duck meat. 

So YAY to Scotty whom willing to makan somethin'.
At least better than nothin'.

Pretty much about everything, my dog is one crazy duck meat lover.

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