Feeling any better?

'Feeling any better?' a common line who my mom and I always ask our dog, Scotty. 

He has been ill for two days and it keeps us worrying. For nine years, this is his first time being this ill, refuses to eat anything at all. We brought him to the vet and found out that he has respiratory infection, the veteran gave him two injections and hopefully it turns out well. If he still refuses to eat, we have to give him a blood test and body check-up. According to the veteran, it is impossible for a dog refuses to eat when it has respiratory problems, it might be caused by heart-worm in its lung. 

He was okay in the afternoon but... he turned blue in the evening :[ My dog always turn out to be a healthy dog even though he is skinny but he can jump, run and darn active. 

Lethargic. What more can I say...
This is him just two days ago!

Please be alright, we are worried sick about you.


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