January Beauty Haul

How is Chinese New Year treating you lately? It is about time to check your make up products expiry date, you do not want some chemicals affecting your beautiful skin right?

I actually bought some cosmetic products few weeks ago and decided to do a HAUL post.
Sephora Hydrating and Smoothing foundation in D30
I am a huge fan of Sephora products, I have been in Sephora outlet at least once a month just to restock my stuff lol. They were having sales and this liquid foundation costed MYR35 only (I have forgotten the original price, it is around MYR60+)!! It was very cheap to get a good quality foundation. I could not show the swatch because my camera is not sensitive enough T__T but I found out that the foundation tends to be greasy a bit, maybe because I had been using Cyber Colour Mineral foundation which gives soft and jelly-like foundation. 

However Sephora Hydrating and Smoothing foundation is smooth on the skin and does has some glowy effect! When the sun hits me, damnnn I look tan sometimes lol But after applying loose powder my skin colour is back to normal. Yay? At least it does not make me look like some cheesy vampires hek.

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colours in LSS604 Jupiter

Yay! My first ever NYX product! Bought it at Offline Shop @ Berjaya Times Square, which is way larger than Sunway Pyramid outlet. If you wanna get NYX products, the palettes and stuff, this shop is way to go! It is quite cheap actually, for MYR18 you can have pinkishliscious lips instantly!
Cons: Aweful smell.... but I got used to it YAY!

Stippling brush
After collecting ang pows, it is the time to spend! I really need a liquid foundation brush so badly (my sponge just died T__T) I went searching for the perfect brush aroud Kuala Lumpur. The one I initially spotted was Top Shop foundation brush for MYR33 but for me, I do not think that the quality might match with the price, thinking that it can be some kind of image branding price. But if you know or using Topshop make products, please tell me whether their products are nice or not cuz I have been eyeing some products.

Neehoos, I bought this brush at The Lash Bar, Sunway Pyramid for MYR39. The promoter told me that this is the IN brush which many people are using right now. Thought that wahhhh... Must be veli nais d lahhh so mani people use worrr so I decided to buy it and try. Turned out to be.... GREAT! =P And it is actually named as stippling brush which can give you an airbrush effect, baru I tau adui.
Cons: It is kinda stiff at first but after some times the brush is more flexible.

And that's it, my January Beauty Haul =]

Sexy and HUAT

Blogging in this hour while boyfie is having fun at his hometown. Grrrrr... 
I want to have some fun too! Oh what the heck__

Scotty is still in recovering process, better yet he is more like himself in the way of barking and.... steal my roasted duck all the time! >__________< I like this photo because both of us look super hawt/handsome in his case, lol.  #Imsexyandiknowit

I just love my webcam.
Haha wtf. I am one narcissism badass. So this is what I do when I am super bored.... pose and snap, pose and snap x infinity. Ummm... I am so random right now. It is 2.52am and I am still wide awake, living room is full of noises. Oh yeah, it is Chinese New Year. Light up the fire crackers yo!!


Neehoos, best thing ever happen, my friend invites me to her open house tomorrow! =D I THOUGHT SHE HAS FORGOTTEN ME... OOOOO... This is my FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST TIME attending friend's CNY open house, I feel so retarded right now. Usually I spend my CNY with my relatives soooo yeahh... more ang pows this year! HUAT AH!! #hokkienahlian

just kidding....NOT

Bahhhhh... it's getting late. Gotta have my beauty sleep for tomorrow!!



Hi love,

Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year
and happy holidays!


I looked so stiff here >__<
Top: MNG
Bottoms: Forever 21
Blazer: Chic-chickk blogshop
Gladiator heels: Kuchai Lama
Bag: Carlo Rino


Hime gyaru vs traditional

Haeya everyone,

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, the time where relatives gather together for prosperity, luck and angpows! Who does not like that, right? 

I did some researches on make up looks to match my cheongsam for this Sunday reunion dinner with my close relatives. I recently got hooked up on Tsubasa Masuwaka's cute hime-gyaru style.

Hime-gyaru is seriously popular in Japan, even Koda Kumi from sex symbol to hime-gyaru!
Clean and neat, with big dolly eyes, which look like a princess to me!

Inspired by her Candy Doll look,

This is what I have became, super animated eyes.

I did not use false lower eyelashes, instead I applied mascara and small amount of falsies glue on my lower eyelashes. Wait for 15 seconds, use a tweezer to press the lashes firmly to the skin. In other words, I stick the lashes onto my skin to enlarge my eyes. 0___________0

Super creepy, I know. 

I am not sure whether I have made the right decision on having THIS look with my traditional clothes. It will be VERY interesting. hehek :)



Fun Fun Fun!


Getting better.

Hi guys, it has been awhile... I am so busy taking care of my sick dog recently, fortunately enough he is gradually getting better and better *fingers crossed*. What I most worried is that he still does not want to eat any food, literally. We have to finger food him with blended dog water food in every two to three hours using syringe! That is really scary...

It looks something like this.
(via MSN)
Mom bought some roasted duck for dinner today. I love roasted duck so much I curi makan UNTIL my dog smelled his ULTIMATE favourite food in the world, he rampas the duck from me and nearly bit my finger.
-__________________- My dog does not eat any of his dog food but hunger for duck meat. 

So YAY to Scotty whom willing to makan somethin'.
At least better than nothin'.

Pretty much about everything, my dog is one crazy duck meat lover.

Straw hat

Taken with Blackberry Bold 9780.
I am impressed with the performance.

Feeling any better?

'Feeling any better?' a common line who my mom and I always ask our dog, Scotty. 

He has been ill for two days and it keeps us worrying. For nine years, this is his first time being this ill, refuses to eat anything at all. We brought him to the vet and found out that he has respiratory infection, the veteran gave him two injections and hopefully it turns out well. If he still refuses to eat, we have to give him a blood test and body check-up. According to the veteran, it is impossible for a dog refuses to eat when it has respiratory problems, it might be caused by heart-worm in its lung. 

He was okay in the afternoon but... he turned blue in the evening :[ My dog always turn out to be a healthy dog even though he is skinny but he can jump, run and darn active. 

Lethargic. What more can I say...
This is him just two days ago!

Please be alright, we are worried sick about you.


Pet dragons!

Great news everyone, I officially have pet dragons in the haus! Mommy thinks that it would be so cute to adopt these four dragons to our family and attract good luck and prosperity (Chinese has it all the time). 

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I bet everyone is rushing decorating the haus in order to usher the Dragon of the year. Look at Pavilion, they even have a gigantic dragon in their building. To tell the truth, I had a feeling there will be a dragon hanging around in the building for this CNY decoration and boy I was right after all! =]

Credits: My awesome friend Ryan JY
I really need to get myself a DSLR and not stealing other photos.

So instead of getting the fierce dragons, we have the cute version ones because we already have our very own version of fierce Chinese Northen lion, our Shih Tzu - Scotty. He is fierce when it comes to strangers, he barks like mad when he sees you. 

In other words, don't be fooled by his cuteness!

Enough with the random lines, I want to show you my new pets!
#1 Three dragons share in the same box nest
How sweet is that!

#2 my very own pet dragon, he is huge and fluffy!

Daddy thought that I love huge plush toys, unfortunately I have too many plush toys in my room and I do not think I will get myself another giant soft toys.... but but but but this dragon plush toy is SO CUTEEE!!

I better take back my words.

Teehee. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Time flies,

I love to look at our old pictures,
remember how you had your long fringe and I had my hideous specs?

Me in 2009 and 2012

Him in 2009 and 2012

How time flies. It is going to be another extraordinary fourth year being together :)

Restauran Istana Bamboo

Attended friends' birthday at Ampang for the taste of Malay-Thailand cusine, where the place is majority built with bamboo trees.

The eight of us.
We all look like movie stars lol

Missy meets smexy

Notice I have changed my blog title from peacemusicbabe to Little Miss Smexy? I have some hard time  deciding on what name should my blog change to until I read my old posts. I realized I am engaging to self-esteem boosting related posts, ie. labels: fashion, OOTD, beauty. Back in 2010 or way before that, I always blog about my miserable life, how sucks my life was back then. To be honest, I was not confident of myself, my soul and my body figure, it was like a girl being trapped in a dark room or tempurung without exposing to positive sight of life.

I was afraid
until I started to watch makeup tutorials online, I found out that hey, being beautiful is not about fitting in a UK6-8 clothe, it is all about how you present yourself, inside and out :) - in my point of view. I decided to take off from the worst side of me to a better self person with the help of the tutorials, some fashion blogs and the loves from my friends! In my case, I believe that with the help of make ups and appropriate clothings will definitely boost up my-self confident instantly because of the confidence I have. Also, after I switched the toughest course UoL to UEL programme I am a happier person. This is true. 

I was not afraid of taking chances and enjoying my life, here is the recap of memories in 2011:

My very first modelling work in university.
It was actually an unexpected one, the actual girl could not make so I had to replace her with a sudden call from my friend. Without a doubt, I said yes and took it as a challenge to portray as a Korean. It was all paid off =)

My very first makeup tutorial
Ahh, reminds of me guts and narcissism, trying not to laugh while writing this post, lol. 

21st Birthday
Celebrated my 21st birthday with close friends at Italianese, The Curve. It was an awesome evening with laughter =P

First Nuffnang experience
I have been with Nuffnang for more than two years yet this was my first movie premier screening with Nuffies. FREE MOVIE WOOHOO!

First OOTD post
Narcissism alert. I just love to try new things to prove that I am a confident person.

Won passes to Arthur's Day
Participated a contest on Emma's blog and won two passes to this event. Awesome night with boyfie's friends and also, Dragon Red rocked the night!

First time in East Coast of Peninsular of Malaysia
Decided to have a road trip with boyfie to Kuantan for two days. The beach is cleaner than Penang beach OMYGOSH. WHY SO CLEAN, like Diamond water lol.

I am glad that 2011 gave me a splendid memories which truly transformed myself to be a happier person. To see that I transformed from an ugly duckling to a swan, it means that from a child to a grown up miss, I think it is time to leave my present blog title peacemusicbabe to a smexy one: Little miss smexy. lol, I yet still don't want to grow up so fast!

But the most important I have learnt in 2011 is to accept who you are and embrace it because you are unique, ONE and ONLY in this universe! 

damn I heart this quote so much
Just be yourself and have fun!!

ps: Some pictures I taken are from www.weheartit.com

Spending quality time with family

Daddy always has a thing on Changkat, Bukit Bintang and I have been eyeing on Neroteca, an italian restaurant  at Somerset Serviced Residence for quite some time. The exact place where Timothy Tiah, co-founder of Nuffnang proposed to Audrey Ooi, aka the girl behind fourfeetnine.

Just some bread with olive oil and vinegar


Family photo

It is a nice place to have dinner with family and friends :) Cozy with mordern twist indeed and the food here is simply delicious. Definitely a come back to this restaurant.


Party like a rockstar NY2012

Hi guys, as you all know I was expected to attend a party nearby Setapak for NY2012 celebration. Boyfie's best friend was invited as house deejay in the local pub. 


We did not have any NYE countdown plan due to hectic week, I have no idea what to do on that day either. His friend called and asked us to join them for countdown but I was reluctant at first because I hate clubbing when they have events, just do not like being squeeze like sotong and susah nak dance lol. Luckily, it was just in local pub so why not give it a shot?

haha, cannot stop laughing lor

We enjoyed the night with friends, more to his friends but who cares lol. The night went great, no squeezing squeezing and free beer tower whole night (tauke belanja)!!! I think lol. Here are some pictures, good time!

Did not expect my close friend here LOL.
Why the world so small sometimes? why?

The girls

The guys

Our boss is in the haus. 

The us


We all laughed when he was posing.
I mean... so fake!

How was your celebration? Share your memories below or also your post link to me, it is fun to share out our stories right? And again, Happy New Year!