Cosmobox by Box Culture - Christmas edition

Not sure I'm going to rant or describe the beauty box that I received RIGHT after Christmas, I was anxiously waiting for my beauty over the week then quite unsatisfied with the delivery process because it was supposed to be at my doorstep before Christmas .__.

Anyway, I am really happy with the packaging. Although the box is somehow smaller than FF but still, it has my vote on the design =) The whole box is only costs RM 33.

The content was tied up with a pretty black bow with Cosmobox letter in it, it was so neat and tidy it made me ever more excited!

until I opened the box,

The brands featured in this box

Cosmobox December 'Christmas' edition box
The whole content is not what I've expected with all the hype going on their Facebook, saying that we would get premium brands especially for this Christmas season. It's not that these samples are not good, they are actually good but it somehow lack of something like CHRISTMAS HYPE, most consumers complain that there are NO actual size product in this edition. Well if one of these brands come with a actual size product, I would not mind at all.

The Brands


Yadah Vitamin Toner (80ml/RM49): Enriched with organic Opuntia Ficus (cactus) to soothe and hydrate the skin. Formulated with orange and lemon extracts with vitamins to help refresh, tone and brighten skin.

Yadah Vitamin Emulsion (80ml/RM49): This light matte-fluid when paired with Yadah Vitamin Toner leaves skin naturally moist, brightened and velvety soft.

Yadah Angel BB Cream SPF20 PA++ (40ml/RM49): A multi-functional makeup base and primer with botanical vitamins and skin care benefits including anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, brightening, UV sun protection, moisture and sebum control.

Yadah Sun Cream SPF40 PA++ (50ml/RM35): An extremely gentle and light weight waterproof oil-free cream that offers effective protection against harmful UV rays. Natural and organi-based extracts make it less irritating to the skin. 

*Bisou* Bon Bon
First-Aid Salve (25g/RM16): A oinment for elbow graze, insect bites, finger burns, eczema patch and irritating rashes. Infused with antiseptic tea-tree oil, shea butter, rose hip oil, vitamin E, manuka honey and chamomile. I like this sample because it is travel-friendly and convenient =)

Sebastian Light Shampoo (250ml/RM64): Purifying Sebastian's mind to the notion of clean with weightless shine shampoo and conditioner.

Sebastian Light Conditioner (250ml/RM69): Pro-shine conditioners and purify the hair's condition for weightless, flawless shine. Colour safe.

Sebastian Hydre Treatment (150ml/RM89): Intense nourishment formula rehydrates dry, frizzy and chemically treated hair for invigorated silky body and bounce. Colour safe. 

they're Real! Mascara (8.5g/RM85): A mascara that lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and separates  This jet black, long-wearing formula won't smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had.

My thoughts of this box
Generally, this box did not match with my expectation. I expected that it will feature brands from makeup, skincare, hair and perfume. How I wish that Box Culture could let the consumers to try on exclusive perfume sample, such as Chloe, Versace, Marc Jacobs DOT, etc. Moreover, Box Culture prepared different sets of boxes for different readers. My box is just one version from the editions, some consumers received soap bar, Inglot nail polish and others. I do not think that the consumers will be happy about it because there is not standardization and the value of the box might be different than the others. Many consumers are complaining their unpleasant surprise on Box Culture Facebook page, I guess it was a wrong move for them and it's Christmas! However, I hope Box Culture would do better in their future boxes because they are NOT that bad compared with other beauty boxes available in Malaysia. I still have hope on Box Culture so yeaaaah, keep up the good work! 

What do you think about this beauty box? Leave your comment below! 


Review: SAMPAR Paris Glamour Shot Eyes

Do you believe in miracle? Things you wish for could happen in one minute? We all love to wish for endless things, it might be hoping for a future husband, getting endless cash, typical materialistic wishes eh? Now how about this, having a magic wand that could erase dark circles,  puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines around the eye, would you love to have that?
SAMPAR Paris Glamour Shot Eyes is another popular beauty-must-have from its Cosmakeup range.

[Click here to know more about cosmakeup and SAMPAR Glamour Shot review].  The product claims that
in ONE minute, this multi-action glamour revealer erases dark circles, brightens the dark areas around the eyes and blurs under-eye wrinkles and fine lines. As if that wasn't enough, its formula enriched in hyaluronic acid offers a long-term and lasting anti-wrinkles action.

Well, is that true? Let's find out!

Behold my naked face, can't wait to try this baby out!

Direction: After fully moisturizing the eye contour, dab a bit of product under the eye with the applicator. Lightly tap with fingertips until the product is completely absorbed.
After one minute, TADAH. The result is...
Not much difference! 
I would not say not much difference because I don't have fine lines and much wrinkles. However, the product DOES reduce the dark circle and puffiness around my eye [Look closely on my left eye] My eyes are now less dark circle and puffiness. ^^

Comparison before-after using SAMPAR Paris Glamour Shot Eyes
Unconditionally, I really do love this product because it does make a difference on my eye within ONE minute. If it is used continuously for FOUR weeks, the results of brighter eye will not be in short term but also in long term too! My mom tried on this product and believe me, the results were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Her eyes looked more youthful instantly, but sadly she didn't want me to take a photo of her. lol. I would recommend that you could try this product at any SAMPAR Paris counter in your local departmental store for personal experience. =)

Will I purchase this product? Definitely, if I have the money (RM126 for 10ml) =P The product is really good for a late sleeper like me, blame the university! LOL.  I really adore my eyes more than my lips so I will get one for myself soon :)

For more information, you can go to or their Facebook Page

Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Albeha. Opinions expressed here are my own.

Simple trick for colourful eyes

Hey lovelies! I've been searching for beautiful fall make up looks just before 2013, I love fall 2012 makeup trends because the looks are bold and beautiful! from vampy lips to strong edgy bold eyeliners (my favourite trends of all).

To have strong colourful eyes, it was a challenge to me because I don't have a delicate hand to blend the colours smoothly, my eyes most likely would end up like a panda. Luckily, one of my favourite Youtube makeup guru, Gossmakeup has marvelous tips and tricks for achieving the look. He has been giving useful tips on most makeup basics, such as contouring and highlighting techniques, achieving dewy skin, etc. He often gives his tips without any demonstration but still able to give easy learning tutorial from his advice, no doubt, because he is a professional makeup artist. =D

What I am going to now is to show you what he had taught on his youtube channel, simple trick for beautiful eye colour. You may find that his look is greatly different than mine because I don't have any glitter with me -.-

So after you have primed your eyes, go straight with a eyeliner pencil, preferred with kohl (smooth texture) and line your eyes.
It doesn't matter if it's messy =)
Dab black eye shadow along the eyeliner to create a smooth line. After that, use your favourite colour (for me it has to be purple) and dab the colour accordingly. This would create a gradient effect from dark to light colour =)

Don't forget to blend!

Your beautiful eye colour is now complete. Simple eh? Remember to line your eye lid with eyeliner and curl your lashes to be nice and perky! =)

 This is the most easiest trick of all in achieving bold colourful eyes. You can try to use any colour to create your favourite eye look. I added some glitter from my pure glitter lip gloss to add some oomph factors on my eyes, I really need to get some glitter for my eyes :|

You can wear this for parties and the current festive season, new year celebration? Dare to be creative and courage to make your eyes to look BOLD. I simply love eye makeup more than lips. :D I hope this tutorial inspired from Gossmakeup could help you to build up your confident in bold looks.

What do you think about this tutorial? Leave your comment below. Would you dare to try it? :P


Review: essence Bronzing Compact Powder matte in 02 love to be matt

I'm been searching around for a bronzer for contouring purpose and since I got some vouchers with me, I decided to 'splurge' some goodies from Essence makeup brand.
and... I wanna share my review on this product!
essence bronzing compact powder matt: 02 love to be matt (MYR 15.90)

The packaging of this product comes with simple clear plastic compact that opens and shuts easily and firmly. Although it's simple and cheap, the design of the bronzer is really pretty and attractive to me. I just love the design! 
See how beautiful it is! It has a 'beach' feels which explains the sun kiss effect using a bronzer!
This bronzer comes with matte texture that could create a more natural look, giving the skin a flawless warmer effect rather than a messy look. I like the fact that it is pigmented but not overly done and I could build up the colour for a better contouring effect.

This is how it looks like on my face. See how pretty and natural effect of the bronzer? It looks lovely on my skin, making me look more-slimmer ^^ I personally love this product very much, it isn't expensive and it could create beautiful matte finish on my skin. However, although it claims to have silky smooth powder, it's kinda powdery, a soft touch with a bronzer brush could pick up excessive product! I have to be gentle when using this product :[

but I'm not a gentle lady lol

 Overall, I love this product very much. It is better than any other bronzers I ever had because of its pigmentation. The other bronzers that I own do not have strong pigmentation, no matter how I build up the colour, it just doesn't show up but creating a messy look instead. With the proper technique, I could contour my nose, jawline and cheeks without any problem! 

  • Cheap and affordable.
  • The size of the bronzer is big.
  • Good pigmentation, gives a pretty sun kiss effect.
  • Easily manage with proper techniques.
  • Packaging is fragile. Don't drop it onto the floor ><

Will I repurchase this product? Definitely! The size of the compact powder is so big it could use up to 24 months and price is pretty cheap :) A good purchase for me in 2012! 


Fantasy Night

Hey there lovelies, I am still in 'kupo' mood because I'd attended two live performances based on Final Fantasy video games =) Read here for my previous experience with Distant Worlds!

This time, I bumped onto this concert through Facebook events. Excited I was, I quickly shared this with my friends who apparently are avid fans of Final Fantasy, literally! Moreover, it was a great time for me to celebrate assignments-over-celebration! The performance took place at The Venue, Pavilion where different artists gather and perform. I didn't know this Venue EVER existed until I was there... 'cause it's really difficult to find the hidden gems of musicians and performers.
Amanda and me: over excited pretty much, I guess
Ladies night! =P

I found myself in giggling situation throughout the performance, Asahi was there! My favourite beer of all time! I wasn't sure I should get myself an alcoholic drink because I WAS the driver that night and I did not want to risk my life for that (and it was NIGHT time!). However, after some consideration (and the persuasiveness of the waitress, telling me that they are having Happy Hour promotion), I decided to get Asahi, that wasn't so bad larh.

But please, do not LEARN it from me. Please. Don't.

Anyway, while we were chatting around waiting for the performance to start. There was a glimpse of a girl in Furisode inspired costume with an iconic rod walking around the area, instantly ALL of us were SUPER excited and fangirling because YUNA was in the building! 
Lucky for her, she got a private shot with Yuna!
Back to the show, the whole Final Fantasy tribute gig was performed by Strawhat Mages Production for the love of the master mind in Final Fantasy OST, Nobuo Uematsu, along with TEMJIN and Harmonia ACG as guest performers. With all the blended Japanese culture in one night, I literally want to migrate to Japan for good. lol -.-

Huei Chan aka Yuna performing ^.^ She sang well that day!
I also recorded several videos during the shows, maybe you could watch it here! :D

and the encore :P 

I would say that the night was superb, it was indeed my first time going for a local gig show. I love gigs unfortunately I do not know where do the gigs perform. OWHH!! Check out this video, it's not from me but the performance is utterly passionately awesome! I was so happy when they performed Passion from Kingdom Hearts aka the-easiest-RPG-in-my-life.

Thank you so much for bringing out the awesomness of performances! =]

What do you think about the whole performance based on the videos? Let me know!


It's December!

Hello people! I have abandoned my blog for almost a month!! It seems that I had a pretty rough semester this time, most of the assignments due at the same time, literally! and those are not simple assignments, it took me a month to complete everything from scratch. :(

But it's all gone now! *phew*

After I have settled my course assessments, I spent much of my time for Fifty Shades of Grey and its trilogy. I know it is somehow 'gross' as what the society thinks, however, the books are indeed more than kinky stuff. =) It sends a deep meaning to all readers but I'm not going to tell you! You have to read the books and feel for yourself!

In the mean time, my name cards have finally arrived!

What do you think? Although I have the name cards now but I do not know what to do with it, lol. Many of my friends persuade me to make my very own name cards, they think that it's cool to have one! Since I have no idea what to do with it... so if you have any events, just let me know! Then I know what to do with these cards HAHA
Not exactly clubbing, I went to The Venue with my friends at Pavilion for Fantasy Night, a local gig performance in tribute to Final Fantasy video game OST. We all got star stunned when we saw Yuna walking around the club (Yuna from FFX, I mean). I shall blog about it soon with more pictures, I still haven't edit some of them :P
Ahh... not to forget my long gone OOTD picture. Here was I at Pavilion yesterday for The Hobbit premier screening with my boyfie. =] Simple sheer blouse with high wedges and comfort jeans, it's comfortable and edgy at the same time! Good cuddling outfit with boyfie in the cinema HOHOHO

Okay, as I promised on Facebook, I would do a Christmas special makeup tutorial IF I could get my stuff right. Ever since assignment started to kick in, I wore less makeup and now my skills dah hilang...just like that. I'm currently picking up my skills as best as I could, so bear with me ladies! D=

Till then, I shall see you all soon!

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy

I was excited to be at Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra yesterday to witness myself the glorious moment in Final Fantasy history, Distant Worlds FIRST ever performance in Malaysia. I am not an avid fan of Final Fantasy, I mean I don't really can sit down there and play the game 24/7 HOWEVER before you guys start to shoot an arrow to me I love the soundtrack from the games. My brother is a die hard of Final Fantasy, both games and music, he would actually purchase the original soundtrack albums. Recently he bought Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack when he got back from Japan, talk about loyalty to Final Fantasy :p
We went for the first performance!
Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy is conducted by Arnie Roth, a well-known music director and conductor in FF community for his works in Distant Worlds concert tour and VOICE: Music from Final Fantasy. It was a great experience to be able to see him conducting the whole orchestra, it keeps reminding me how was like to be in an orchestra back in secondary school. 

The whole concert tour was magnificent, especially when they started to play Opening: Bombing Mission, it was like 100% the same as in the game. My brother got thrilled when they played The Man with the Machine Gun, that is one his favourite pieces in Final Fantasy music. Most of the music they played are from Final Fantasy VI, where it started to influence great games with great music. It was a great exposure for the choir and orchestra team because it is indeed kinda like Mozart in video games.

Autographs of Arnie Roth; Stephanie Van Driesen (soprano); Az Samad (guitarist); Ho Chi Mei (soprano); James Long Cai Hunt (tenor); Mak Chi Hoe (bass)
The whole performance wrapped up with two amazing songs, Sudeki Da Ne and One-Winged Angel. Now that's a surprise because One-Winged Angel was not in the set list, we were like W-H-Y!? That music is one of the famous piece in FF music. TRUEEE all of us, included all other audiences applaud after the whole performance.

After all, it was a great concert. I hope they would come back with more surprises, including the appearance of Nobuo Uematsu!! :D


Be optimistic, I told myself. Everything is going to be fine.

Let's get personal, I would like to share my experience with you all. I am a girl who dislike being left out (who does?). 

There was a time when I just transferred to a new entire school, with no friends but classmates, it was a total mess. I remember I often had branch alone in the canteen during break time, however I still managed to make some friends but still, there were still emptiness in my heart. When I was still in my old school, I was a timid girl with extremely close friends, I didn't know what to expect when I came to this entire new environment. How do I start over? What should I do?

Eventually, I learned to be independent in a hard way, accepting the fact that I have to stay strong to cope every  problems as much as possible. After months passed by, it was a terrified month for most girls - National Service, but I was eager to join in this service. Why? I just want to start over, a fresh new start, not to be that old timid girl who can't handle any problems. I want to be strong and an independent lady. It succeed every well, I had great months with my NS mates. =) Soon, I started to mix around with different people and now, I realised I have gained a lot from that past memory.

You see, it's okay to be weak. In life, you might bumped onto something which you cannot handle it. The willingness to learn and be strong would indeed, help you to become a better person. Being a university student in a diversity learning place has actually made me even stronger, I have great course mates and friends!

Whenever I am sad, I would think about this. How has I become after so many years? Telling myself that everything is going to be okay, just look at how bad I was in years back and I managed to cope with it. 

Be optimistic, I told myself. Everything is going to be fine. :)


SILKYGIRL Sweet Temptation Launch

Hey loves! I recently received an invitation from SILKYGIRL to attend their limited edition collectable doll EDT launch event at Hello Deer, Damansara Uptown. When I first arrived the shop, I was literally fantasized over the place!

To tell the truth, I was pretty nervous because this is actually my very first time attending to an exclusive invitation event. SILKYGIRL do know how to appreciate their fans and bloggers LOL.

Nina greeted me when I entered the place. =] Credits: SILYGIRL
Door gifts for the guests!

Introducing SILKYGIRL limited edition collected dolls EDT - SILKYGIRL Sweet Temptation Fragrances! These adorable limited edition doll fragrances comes with five different scents, characters and personalities! We have Charming Charley, Sunshine Sue, Innocent Isabelle, Lovely Lucy and Bold Becky (from left to right). Aren't they cute!?

Everyone is trying out the fragrances!
Not only that, we also had cupcake decoration hosting by Sweet Tooth Ville! Here, all of us were competing each other to decorate the cutest Lovely Lucy! 

To be frank, I am really bad in baking. I was having some difficulties in decorating the whole face of Lovely Lucy. However, I had fun with other bloggers! Anyway, check out my epic failed cupcake. D=

It's just like Hatsune Miku stuff to me. lol
Joanna and I in the making of the cupcake
Proud moment lol

I was proud because I managed to decorate the cupcake with SPEED. I have to say congratulation to Sabrina for winning in 1st prize, her cupcake is really adorable!

Before I left the event, I managed to take several photos with others! *vain moment!*

Isabelle and I

Wondering when can you get your hands on these cute fragrances? 
Retailing at only RM19.90, the limited edition SILKYGIRL Temptation EDT is available from 15 November 2012 at all major retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide. Get it ASAP before it runs out of stocks! SILKYGIRL will also be having 'Which SILKYGIRL Sweet Temptation Are You?' contest on their Facebook page from 1st of November! So be sure to check it out!! =]