28 December 2011

Year end shopping spree

Christmas is over and every shop is blasting Chinese New Year songs everywhere.

Mommy and I decided to shop at Sunway Pyramid today since my university club meeting was being cancelled unexpectedly lol. We went to Barbera Cafe for our lunch, turned out to be disaster because the service is freaking sucks. We actually had to wait for an hour just for our main courses? That is unacceptable for us because we ordered from set meals, not ala carte so it should be faster right? Sadly, the waitress over there was quite slow and always in a sour or moody face, funny is someone even mentioned on Foursquare tips!

True story

However, the food is not bad. After encountered such problem, if you want to have a taste of their food... Just go to their Bangsar outlet, it is much better compared to this one, in my opinion lol.
Being vain again.
Tee: Sometimes
Blazer: Padini
Shorts: ROMP
Wedges: Vincci
Bag: Charles and Keith

Mom was having a good mood for shopping, literally. While she was looking for shoes at Parkson, I was also trying out some shoes, hopefully I could another pair of awesome boots for next year. I saw this...

Damn it, pretty pretty Santa Barbara Polo ankle boots.

I wanna get this so bad because it is SUPER SUPER COMFY inside!! until I saw the price. DAFUQ expensive giler... I dare not to say out the price here wtf. Anyway, we had a pleasant shopping time together like a mother and daughter time lol in a mall. Mother bought her aunty stuff hahahahaha while I got some cute stuff from the mall! 

Cute looking flat pumps from Tiamo!

The crowns are simple adore, aren't they!

My Melody sweater from Forever 21!

That is why I love cute stuff recently. They are waaaaaaay tooooooooooo adorable! I wanted to get a new pair of pumps because my old black pumps are spoilt due to over-wearing-it-during-working-hours, might as well get a new one and I simply love Tiamo flats and mom hates it when I buy some cheap flats from Cotton On (I do love their shoes tho!) cuz it does not last long at all. 

My Melody sweater? Simple, I AM OBSESSED WITH HELLO KITTY COLLECTION. 'Nuff said. I found this cute sweater on the rack and I instantly love it! Mom was gave me a  'omg seriously you kidding me another hello kitty collection this time a sweater okay fine but you pay for it' look when I was gaga over this cute sweater!

Cute stuff ftw!
and memes...

LOL. Okay, done posting but before that.... another obnoxious posing photo!



  1. Love your outfit with the blazer! I wanna get a blazer too, but i think i will melt in one. *beh tahan heat - why am i living in malaysia why!* The TiAmo flats are really cute too! Crowns ehehehehe <3 I got a pair at their warehouse sales last month, just opened them as my Christmas present, lol. 

  2. Hello and thanks! TiAmo flats ftw but it will gigit my feet eventually lol....