31 December 2011


Today I am aspired to blog another fashion post (click here for my other related posts).

Wanna know why?
Because I finally bought a vertical mirror for my own room!
I am a girl and I cannot live without a big mirror, lol.
Yes I am no longer using my imagination when dressing up!

But Beware.
Enough of meme pun, I am going to show you how I layer my clothes for chilling weather. We all know that Malaysia weather is like PMS, sometimes it is sunny sometimes you gonna expect for raining cats and dogs. Here, let assume that Kuala Lumpur is having chilling or rainy weather. Ummmm... wait, IT IS RAINING SEASON. Jeng jeng jeng! 

I opened my wardrobe and found out that I have plenty of tees and jeans. However, as an avid fan of Chriselle Lim, a famous fashion guru. She constantly emphasizes on layering from thin to thick with would allow your body figure to have balance proportion, which I believe it is true because if you layer the thick material first then the thin one, it would add extra volume on your figure and that will make you look bigger.

That is a big no-no!

1. Little white dress
2. Cardigan
3. Tube dress or a maxi skirt
4. Thick belt
Anyway, you must be wondering: why there is a white dress and a skirt? Well actually I do not have a white sleeveless top so I was thinking, why not I transform my dress into a top? It would be so versatile! And also, I do not have a maxi skirt either, it is actually a tube dress lol! The tube dress is so loose I decided to wear it as a skirt, hehehehe...

All of these pieces can become as this:

It actually makes me look taller LOL! because of the illusion of the cardigan and the skirt. I love this outfit so much because it really express my true self, a more relaxing kind of girl. I am not a typical edgy rocking chick or a clubbing hotness, those are not me. I am a good girl LOL. Just kidding.

I kinda look like Belle's outfit from Disney's Beauty and the Beast minus the belt and cardigan, maybe it because of the white and blue (it is actually in turquoise colour but yea). I LOOK LIKE DISNEY PRINCESS!!! *hype hype*

I am so sorry for what I did just now.

Sooo... this is my simple post on how I layer my pieces. What do you think? Leave your comment below alright!

Before that, wishing you all to have a great New Year ahead!


  1. Caroline-ho.blogspot.comJune 23, 2013 at 3:52 PM

    I think it looks great! Love the my melody sweater too!