28 December 2011

I am still stuck on you!

Many of my friends celebrated their Christmas with lavish dinner and celebration this year, I made a exception this Christmas season.... a job. Yes, I spent my Christmas weekend with sanitary pads. lol.

Please do not get me wrong, I was not even whining about working in festive season. I was actually gaining experience through this promotion event. I suck at sales. Trust me, sales is never a cup of my tea but I am learning.

Being vain while working lol
It all started when I was searching for jobs desperately for cash and I was damn bored during semester break. My friend was desperate too and he sent me a job recruitment site designed for part time and freelance jobs and that is how I found this promoting job haha.

 Until I went for the training, baru I realized the job is promoting Kotex Luxe sanitary pads at Subang Parade. So if you were at Subang Parade, you would have seen me shouting around obnoxiously. I am so sorry about that but... I had to do it to achieve the sales target. 

Ampun Maaf?

The products and samples
I have learnt on how to persuade clients to buy our stuff and also how to deal with them. Not only that, I also found out some useful marketing approach in this hectic festive season =) Three days from morning till night with two breaks is not an easy task for me, every night I would had to massage my feet before sleep because of standing whole day!! Hehe

Anyway, my Christmas day was not bad at all because I got the chance to spend some hours with boyfie before the clock stroked 12! Best part was we had lok lok for supper!! :D The funny thing was he mentioned about having lok lok on Christmas few months ago and I was not happy about it.... but it happened eventually. LOL. The lesson of the story is, we are not Alice Cullen. 'Nuff said.

Our favourite local hawker centre

What I really enjoyed the Christmas season is that I still have the chance to spend Christmas with boyfie even though I was working for whole longggg day! True story.


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