20 December 2011

Gyaru: Tsubasa Masuwaka

It all happened when I received Candy Doll brochure at SASA store few weeks ago...

I was captivated with Himegyaru looks because of their innocent barbie doll looks (all thanks to colour circle lens). The Candy Doll brochure features Tsubasa Masuwaka, a himegyaru icon in Japan and also the model who owns Candy Doll and Dolly Wink, popular makeup brands in Japan.

The girl behinds everything!
I instantly fell in love with their looks, especially the eyelashes and the completely matte face, it is exactly looks like a doll! To be honest, I was dying to try their products because of the gyaru hypes all over me. Impulse buys with no regret!

Teehee. =)
I was also influenced by a youtuber on gyaru makeup look tutorials, anzfalcon. I found out gyaru makeup is actually simple to do, the only tricky part is when we have to apply eyelashes, especially the bottom eyelashes. Sigh, I am still not good at applying bottom eyelashes!! So I was attempting to look like a gyaru unfortunately, I did not look like a gyaru. LOL. That is why I named my tutorial video 'Simple gyaru INSPIRED makeup look'. haha

See, gyaru look FAILED.
but... I tried and I love it! 

So here you go, my another tutorial on Gyaru. Hope you enjoy!

leave your comment down below my blog regarding on this look. I would appreciate it. Thanks!!


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