17 December 2011

Comic Fiesta

Trust me, I was amazed when I was standing there taking this picture. The place was full of people and the best of all, cosplayers from all over the region, anticipating country's biggest anime exhibition- Comic Fiesta 2011

This is my second time to attend anime event (read post here). Although I am not an otaku but cosplay has been an eye opener to me, it hits Malaysia pretty hard lately ;P A friend of mine, who also happens to be my course-mate helped me to get the tickets because the line started since 7am, rumour has it.


I do not understand why they have to be so strict and restricting us from going in and it was raining. long caption i know wtf

One thing that is bad, the management staff were rude to us. We get it, you guys were having the God Ass Iphone4s launching event there but doesn't mean that you should restrict our access to the hall. Can't we just have our freedom to walk around the halls? I get it, crowd management is one hectic task but... You know what, I am so pissed I do not want to write about it. zzz

Inside the hall

The booths

  Okay, so let us straight away go to the cosplay alright =p

LMFAO, what more can I say =D

Vocaloids!! =]

Cute eh!?


Fairy Tail characters

Miku and Luka

I just do not know what to add on this caption.

Yes I went crazy! Lightning and Oerba Dia Vanille from FFXIII.                                       

For a second thought, maybe this is not a bad event after all. My friend and his sister are planning to do cosplay for next year, asking whether I would be interested to be part of this community. lol. #firstworldpain where should i get the costume, makeup, props, etc. This is not an easy task but heck, once in a lifetime so... we will see about it. LOL Funny shit happened when I was back home and my mom asked the same thing, 'Why didn't you cosplay?' 0.0 Not to mention, my boyfie was asking me the same thing. More specifically, he requested for Rinoa, a character from FFVIII. 

My life might be interesting after all.

Japan culture, you are one fascinating culture.

Attempt to try out dramatic bottom eyelashes to match with this dramatic event =]



  1. U have that japanese look. Cosplay I support! Someday I'll want to go attend CF. Never been there. Heard about it since Uni days 

  2. Hey there cutebun! CF was okay but the management was rough tho. Haha, do I really look like a Japanese? I take that as a compliment :P

  3. You have the anime look =) hehe. It is a compliment =)

  4. I heard a lot of complaints about this CF (as usual) from a lot of the visitors and cosplayers. I'm probably gonna give up on Comic Fiesta d. =_= Malaysia just cannot handle these kind of conventions. 

  5. ooh, i didnt manage to attend this, but thanks for sharing it here :) Jumped over from Jfook's blog :)  have a nice day girl