Today I am aspired to blog another fashion post (click here for my other related posts).

Wanna know why?
Because I finally bought a vertical mirror for my own room!
I am a girl and I cannot live without a big mirror, lol.
Yes I am no longer using my imagination when dressing up!

But Beware.
Enough of meme pun, I am going to show you how I layer my clothes for chilling weather. We all know that Malaysia weather is like PMS, sometimes it is sunny sometimes you gonna expect for raining cats and dogs. Here, let assume that Kuala Lumpur is having chilling or rainy weather. Ummmm... wait, IT IS RAINING SEASON. Jeng jeng jeng! 

I opened my wardrobe and found out that I have plenty of tees and jeans. However, as an avid fan of Chriselle Lim, a famous fashion guru. She constantly emphasizes on layering from thin to thick with would allow your body figure to have balance proportion, which I believe it is true because if you layer the thick material first then the thin one, it would add extra volume on your figure and that will make you look bigger.

That is a big no-no!

1. Little white dress
2. Cardigan
3. Tube dress or a maxi skirt
4. Thick belt
Anyway, you must be wondering: why there is a white dress and a skirt? Well actually I do not have a white sleeveless top so I was thinking, why not I transform my dress into a top? It would be so versatile! And also, I do not have a maxi skirt either, it is actually a tube dress lol! The tube dress is so loose I decided to wear it as a skirt, hehehehe...

All of these pieces can become as this:

It actually makes me look taller LOL! because of the illusion of the cardigan and the skirt. I love this outfit so much because it really express my true self, a more relaxing kind of girl. I am not a typical edgy rocking chick or a clubbing hotness, those are not me. I am a good girl LOL. Just kidding.

I kinda look like Belle's outfit from Disney's Beauty and the Beast minus the belt and cardigan, maybe it because of the white and blue (it is actually in turquoise colour but yea). I LOOK LIKE DISNEY PRINCESS!!! *hype hype*

I am so sorry for what I did just now.

Sooo... this is my simple post on how I layer my pieces. What do you think? Leave your comment below alright!

Before that, wishing you all to have a great New Year ahead!

Year end shopping spree

Christmas is over and every shop is blasting Chinese New Year songs everywhere.

Mommy and I decided to shop at Sunway Pyramid today since my university club meeting was being cancelled unexpectedly lol. We went to Barbera Cafe for our lunch, turned out to be disaster because the service is freaking sucks. We actually had to wait for an hour just for our main courses? That is unacceptable for us because we ordered from set meals, not ala carte so it should be faster right? Sadly, the waitress over there was quite slow and always in a sour or moody face, funny is someone even mentioned on Foursquare tips!

True story

However, the food is not bad. After encountered such problem, if you want to have a taste of their food... Just go to their Bangsar outlet, it is much better compared to this one, in my opinion lol.
Being vain again.
Tee: Sometimes
Blazer: Padini
Shorts: ROMP
Wedges: Vincci
Bag: Charles and Keith

Mom was having a good mood for shopping, literally. While she was looking for shoes at Parkson, I was also trying out some shoes, hopefully I could another pair of awesome boots for next year. I saw this...

Damn it, pretty pretty Santa Barbara Polo ankle boots.

I wanna get this so bad because it is SUPER SUPER COMFY inside!! until I saw the price. DAFUQ expensive giler... I dare not to say out the price here wtf. Anyway, we had a pleasant shopping time together like a mother and daughter time lol in a mall. Mother bought her aunty stuff hahahahaha while I got some cute stuff from the mall! 

Cute looking flat pumps from Tiamo!

The crowns are simple adore, aren't they!

My Melody sweater from Forever 21!

That is why I love cute stuff recently. They are waaaaaaay tooooooooooo adorable! I wanted to get a new pair of pumps because my old black pumps are spoilt due to over-wearing-it-during-working-hours, might as well get a new one and I simply love Tiamo flats and mom hates it when I buy some cheap flats from Cotton On (I do love their shoes tho!) cuz it does not last long at all. 

My Melody sweater? Simple, I AM OBSESSED WITH HELLO KITTY COLLECTION. 'Nuff said. I found this cute sweater on the rack and I instantly love it! Mom was gave me a  'omg seriously you kidding me another hello kitty collection this time a sweater okay fine but you pay for it' look when I was gaga over this cute sweater!

Cute stuff ftw!
and memes...

LOL. Okay, done posting but before that.... another obnoxious posing photo!


I am still stuck on you!

Many of my friends celebrated their Christmas with lavish dinner and celebration this year, I made a exception this Christmas season.... a job. Yes, I spent my Christmas weekend with sanitary pads. lol.

Please do not get me wrong, I was not even whining about working in festive season. I was actually gaining experience through this promotion event. I suck at sales. Trust me, sales is never a cup of my tea but I am learning.

Being vain while working lol
It all started when I was searching for jobs desperately for cash and I was damn bored during semester break. My friend was desperate too and he sent me a job recruitment site designed for part time and freelance jobs and that is how I found this promoting job haha.

 Until I went for the training, baru I realized the job is promoting Kotex Luxe sanitary pads at Subang Parade. So if you were at Subang Parade, you would have seen me shouting around obnoxiously. I am so sorry about that but... I had to do it to achieve the sales target. 

Ampun Maaf?

The products and samples
I have learnt on how to persuade clients to buy our stuff and also how to deal with them. Not only that, I also found out some useful marketing approach in this hectic festive season =) Three days from morning till night with two breaks is not an easy task for me, every night I would had to massage my feet before sleep because of standing whole day!! Hehe

Anyway, my Christmas day was not bad at all because I got the chance to spend some hours with boyfie before the clock stroked 12! Best part was we had lok lok for supper!! :D The funny thing was he mentioned about having lok lok on Christmas few months ago and I was not happy about it.... but it happened eventually. LOL. The lesson of the story is, we are not Alice Cullen. 'Nuff said.

Our favourite local hawker centre

What I really enjoyed the Christmas season is that I still have the chance to spend Christmas with boyfie even though I was working for whole longggg day! True story.


Pressie from parents

Received Swarovski Hello Kitty charm from parents for Christmas 


Santa is giving me money this year


Everything seems to be pretty cool now except for one thing, I will not be having Christmas dinner with family and friends this year. I have work to do within this Christmas season......working.

I should say that I am happy because money will be going into my pocket, am dead broke by the way. Friends were amazed that I will be working during the holidays because they know that I always must have dinner party during this festive season. But who cares, I might still enjoy the atmosphere in the shopping mall, standing and brag people to purchase the products in my working area, the booth.

Cute stuff

Santa is giving me some money this year. #mustlovesanta


That was us.

That was us, sipping Starbucks coffee in the chilling weather of Genting Highlands.


Care for some love?

Found this at The Body Shop few days ago.
I did not know they sell condoms for charity until my friends told me about it.

Well, I was quite shock literally because I did not expect that.
However, it is for the sake of passion, love and charity so it is still okay for me.

Guys, care for some love? Get it quickly before it runs out of stock!


Gyaru: Tsubasa Masuwaka

It all happened when I received Candy Doll brochure at SASA store few weeks ago...

I was captivated with Himegyaru looks because of their innocent barbie doll looks (all thanks to colour circle lens). The Candy Doll brochure features Tsubasa Masuwaka, a himegyaru icon in Japan and also the model who owns Candy Doll and Dolly Wink, popular makeup brands in Japan.

The girl behinds everything!
I instantly fell in love with their looks, especially the eyelashes and the completely matte face, it is exactly looks like a doll! To be honest, I was dying to try their products because of the gyaru hypes all over me. Impulse buys with no regret!

Teehee. =)
I was also influenced by a youtuber on gyaru makeup look tutorials, anzfalcon. I found out gyaru makeup is actually simple to do, the only tricky part is when we have to apply eyelashes, especially the bottom eyelashes. Sigh, I am still not good at applying bottom eyelashes!! So I was attempting to look like a gyaru unfortunately, I did not look like a gyaru. LOL. That is why I named my tutorial video 'Simple gyaru INSPIRED makeup look'. haha

See, gyaru look FAILED.
but... I tried and I love it! 

So here you go, my another tutorial on Gyaru. Hope you enjoy!

leave your comment down below my blog regarding on this look. I would appreciate it. Thanks!!


Comic Fiesta

Trust me, I was amazed when I was standing there taking this picture. The place was full of people and the best of all, cosplayers from all over the region, anticipating country's biggest anime exhibition- Comic Fiesta 2011

This is my second time to attend anime event (read post here). Although I am not an otaku but cosplay has been an eye opener to me, it hits Malaysia pretty hard lately ;P A friend of mine, who also happens to be my course-mate helped me to get the tickets because the line started since 7am, rumour has it.


I do not understand why they have to be so strict and restricting us from going in and it was raining. long caption i know wtf

One thing that is bad, the management staff were rude to us. We get it, you guys were having the God Ass Iphone4s launching event there but doesn't mean that you should restrict our access to the hall. Can't we just have our freedom to walk around the halls? I get it, crowd management is one hectic task but... You know what, I am so pissed I do not want to write about it. zzz

Inside the hall

The booths

  Okay, so let us straight away go to the cosplay alright =p

LMFAO, what more can I say =D

Vocaloids!! =]

Cute eh!?


Fairy Tail characters

Miku and Luka

I just do not know what to add on this caption.

Yes I went crazy! Lightning and Oerba Dia Vanille from FFXIII.                                       

For a second thought, maybe this is not a bad event after all. My friend and his sister are planning to do cosplay for next year, asking whether I would be interested to be part of this community. lol. #firstworldpain where should i get the costume, makeup, props, etc. This is not an easy task but heck, once in a lifetime so... we will see about it. LOL Funny shit happened when I was back home and my mom asked the same thing, 'Why didn't you cosplay?' 0.0 Not to mention, my boyfie was asking me the same thing. More specifically, he requested for Rinoa, a character from FFVIII. 

My life might be interesting after all.

Japan culture, you are one fascinating culture.

Attempt to try out dramatic bottom eyelashes to match with this dramatic event =]


OOTD #5 Sharp Blue

Dress: MNG
Bag: Carlo Rino
Gladiator heels: Kuchai Lama

Received boyfie's Christmas present this afternoon. Guess what? It is the blue dress I am wearing for my friends' birthday dinner. =)

I love this dress so much!


Homemade mask

Hello there, I am actually a big fan of Michelle Phan because of her pretty makeup tutorials and also her DIY tutorials! It helps me a lot and it does save a lot of moolah instead of purchasing those expensive facial skin care products. This time, I would like share on one of her DIY tutorials: Avocado Tea Mask, requested by Laura Lee (check her awesome blog yo!).

If you had noticed, many beauty products contain avocado. Avocado is a nutritious fruit, it has Vitamin A, B and E which would nourish the skin and promote growth of new cell! This fruit mask is suitable for all types of skin, which is why Avocado is the bomb!

Other than that, green tea is an ultimate ingredient in antioxidants, which help to protect body from free radicals. So technically, it promotes young skin. Yeah! FREE from old witch face in Disney Snow White movie because that looks pretty scary!! With avocado and green tea, you know your skin will be thankful to you.

 To start of the making of the mask, you will need:
  1. Spatula
  2. Knife
  3. Strainer
  4. Plate
  5. Small cup
  6. Big bowl
Of course, the essential ones are the avocado itself and one spoon of green tea leaf.

cut the avocado into half and spoon out the fillings into the bowl.

This looks nasty.

Secondly, let's us start brewing the green tea! Since i don't have any green tea powder with me, I shall green use tea leaf instead. Add hot water into the cup and steep it for around 30 seconds depends on the type of the green tea leaf. After that, remove the tea leaf from the cup with stainer and keep the brewed leaf! Enjoy your delicious green tea too!

mix the avocado fillings with the brewed green tea leaf well, we want the smooth texture.

Stir mix stir LOL
Getting there...

That's it!
this is the avocado tea mask

Please don't hate the colour and the look of the mask.
Once you have done the mask, put it into a container and conceal it then store it in the refrigerator. The next time when you want to do your mask, just take out from the fridge and apply it right onto your face. It will give you smooth and cooling feelings, that is so comfortable okay! One thing, I do not know how long exactly should I store for the mask so I will dispose it within a week of more than a week. Heh. 

Apply the mask onto your face for roughly 10 minutes, this simple making mask will instantly transform your face into smooth, clear and radiant skin! How cool is that!?I tried this mask and it works fine for me so if there's anything happened to your skin while tempting to do this mask... consult a doctor or specialist right away okay?!

However, if your skin worked so well with this mask. Give me a thumb-up on my Facebook page, I will appreciate it alright! Thankies